Facebook Use Under PFA Order

If you have received a PFA order, then you are in need of making some serious changes in your life and your actions. The PFA order is the means of the state to tell you to do and not to do something that might result in abuse. PFA order is a court order and not abiding by it will result in indirect criminal contempt. You might get six months of imprisonment and a fine of up to $1000 if you violate the PFA order. That is why it is of utmost importance that you understand the order and every term of it and don’t violate them.

Even if you are objecting to the terms of PFA, you must comply with the order. You might feel that the PFA order is unjust and the protected person by it doesn’t have any evidence of being abused by you. Yet you have to comply with the order. Getting temporary PFA order is pretty easy in Pennsylvania. The 6107(b) section of the Protection Abuse Act makes it easier to get a temporary PFA order for the person who asks for protection. Only the testimony of the “victim” is enough to obtain the order. And because of this ease, it is often abused. However, you still have to comply with the PFA order even if you don’t agree with it. If you connect with Logue Law Group, our Pittsburgh PFA lawyer will suggest the same.

Challenging Temporary PFA Order

Instead of not obeying the PFA order, you can challenge the order at the court. After issuing the Ex Parte PFA order, the court will have a hearing for the final PFA order within ten days. This hearing is your only chance to prove that the reported abuse is not true and you don’t pose any threat to the protected person by the order. This is the first time court will listen to your testimony and that is why you need to make sure you take full advantage of it. Our Pittsburgh PFA lawyer will aggressively fight for you in this hearing.

The burden of proving the abuse is on the protected person by the PFA order. The court, in order to offer a fair judgment, will listen to your argument too. We, your Pittsburgh PFA lawyer, will ensure that you get the full advantage of this stage.

The Burden of Final PFA Order

With the final PFA order, a lot of things change in the life of the defendant. They might lose their home, job, relationship and child custody. You might have to give spouse and child support while you will have to leave the home for the protected person. You might have to give up your firearms too. You might be asked to never contact the protected person or the related people to them, including your child. You might be prohibited to visit the protected person or the child at work or in school. Any kind of remote contact including phone, messages, email and social media interaction with the plaintiff will be prohibited too.

The Risky Role of Facebook Under PFA Order

The use of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and any other social media platform can pose a threat to you for not obeying the PFA order. Sending direct messages, commenting, liking any post and sending friend requests can result in disobeying the PFA order. Even if you want to connect with a third party, it might lead you to the protected person and this will not comply with the PFA order. So, make sure you are careful in using Facebook once you receive PFA order. Your social media use is not immune to the PFA Order.

PFA Contempt and Defending PFA Charges

Some of the social media platforms generate automotive activities which will look like the contempt of the PFA order but actually not as the restricted person doesn’t have a clue about it. That is why the court listens to the defendant about this matter instead of charging you for contempt. Our Pittsburgh PFA lawyer will ensure that in such cases, you are defended properly and not charged with contempt.

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