Falsely Accused of Abuse

In Pennsylvania, the victims of domestic abuse get legal protection. However, getting protection from abuse order will be issued by the court when the plaintiff says they are abused in the case of domestic violence. With the order issued in your name, you might be in a difficult spot. On one hand, there is no proof of the abuse. On the other, your movements and activities will be restricted. You might be forced to isolate yourself from your loved ones. However, you need to know that often PFA issued in the case of false accusations.

When you are slapped with a PFA order and you are at a total loss thinking what might have caused the PFA, you need to retain a lawyer. You might be falsely accused of PFA while your movements, living situation, and even the right of possessing a firearm can be compromised. That is why you need to retain a Pittsburgh PFA lawyer. Come to Logue Law Group so that our able lawyer can take care of your case.

Why is it So Common to be Falsely Accused?

People often get falsely accused of crimes they did not commit. Out of all the criminal charges, the charges of domestic violence is the most common one for which people get falsely accused. In fact in such cases, often “victim” gets leverage by using false charges against the alleged abuser.

In Pennsylvania, the law is structured in a way that will put the abused in an advantageous position. The victim can get an emergency and the ex parte PFA. And in both these orders, the court doesn’t need to listen to the argument of the alleged person. The decision gets made depending on the victim and their narration of the incident. As a result, the court doesn’t get to know whether the charges are exaggerated or the person is lying.

PFA comes from a serious accusation. And that is why it can have a significant effect on the family matter. The order can make a person lose custody of their children while isolating you from the immediate loved ones. And the accused person cannot get the clarity by asking the plaintiff about the PFA order as they are not supposed to be in contact anyway. This is why a lot of people falsely use PFA as their way of getting an advantage on someone. Often the divorcing couples accuse the other one of abuse so that they lose the child custody and they become in a less advantageous position in the court.

Protection From False Accusation

PFA orders move very quickly and most of the time, the defendant doesn’t get to know until it is already too late. To save yourself from the false accuse, you need to get in touch with the right Pittsburgh PFA lawyer. They will help you protect your rights and fight the false charges of PFA.

Connect With Pittsburgh PFA Lawyer

At Logue Law Group, we have dealt with many cases of PFA where our clients were falsely accused. And we have successfully helped them get the rightful justice. For more details or to get a free consultation, call us today.

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