Firearm Provisions in Domestic Violence Cases

In the state of Pennsylvania, many fatalities have resulted from a domestic violence altercation. These incidents have taken place between family members, married couples, partners, and sometimes minor children. Unlike other states of the USA, Pennsylvania does not have a separate domestic violence charge. Instead, if you are found guilty of causing severe injury, sexual assault, coerced intercourse, etc. the state can penalize you. In many such cases, firearms have been taken away from the alleged accused due to safety reasons. The Federal Gun Control has stated three benefits which firearm detention can provide for safety purposes-

  • Those who have been accused of domestic violence or similar criminal charges will be prevented from accessing a firearm so that cannot harm anyone in their vicinity.
  • The state can keep the domestic violence rate under control with higher security on the possession of firearms by the accused. It will reduce the chances of weapon-based violence.
  • It is easier to check that when a PFA has been filed against an alleged accused,

he/she cannot visit the victim with any malicious intent so the crime rate falls.

When you hire an experienced Pittsburgh PFA Lawyer, he/she will explain the complete procedure of how domestic violence charges proceed. Even though it is not a separate criminal charge, if proper representation is not secured, the state can charge you heftily. At Law Logue Group, we advise you to take the best course of action with our experienced defense attorney Sean Logue. Having spent most of his life successfully defending domestic violence accusers, he is your best help. Contact him at (412) 612-2210 for a free consultation.

What is the Pennsylvania Firearm Safety Provision?

To prevent weapon-based violence, Pennsylvania has incorporated strict rules regarding firearms in a PFA case. Once the PFA case has been taken to court, you will be given an allotted time to surrender your firearms to the law. Your Pittsburgh PFA Lawyer will advise you to follow all conditions of law to ensure a smooth defense presentation. Firearms can be relinquished to any agency of law enforcement, commercial armory, or attorney, as per requirement.

If you fail to give up your weapon while you are accused of a domestic violence charge, you can be charged with a second-degree criminal offense with high penalties. In some cases, individuals were restricted to possess a new firearm for the next five years after the judgment. The best course of action will be to follow the advice of your defense lawyer.

Why Should You Promptly Hire the Services of a Pittsburgh Domestic Violence Lawyer?

Those who are charged with domestic violence or arrested for the same must seek the services of a trusted defense lawyer. Time is crucial in these cases as the state will take strong action against you if you have improper representation. These cases affect your private life as well, but for the sake of your fear, do not play with the law. Consult a good Pittsburgh Domestic Violence Lawyer who will guide you through the process.

Sometimes, in dire situations like these, you might feel confused about whom to trust? In this case, Sean Logue will be the best attorney for you. He has represented many alleged accused of Domestic Violence throughout Pennsylvania and West Virginia. For a free consultation, call at (412) 612-2210 or visit

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