Harassment Lawyer in Pennsylvania

Harassment means that the defendant engages in a pattern of behavior where the plaintiff might feel fearful or they believe that they are in danger. From mere communication to threats and physical contact with the victim, anything can be considered harassment. This type of case is complex in nature and the police report is not always trustworthy. So, if you have been charged with a case of harassment, you will need the help of an experienced Pittsburgh domestic violence lawyer. At Logue Law Group, we have handled many cases involving harassment. We can help you too.

What is Harassment?

Defined under Pa. C.S.A. § 2709, harassment is a crime that involves two categories including harassment and cyber harassment of a child.


The defendant commits harassment when they have the intention of harassing, annoy or alarm other people while performing the following acts:

  • Striking, shoving or kicking a person or attempt and threat of doing these
  • Following a person around public places
  • Repeatedly committing an act with no legitimate purpose
  • Communication with lewd, obscene, lascivious, or threatening words or drawings or caricatures
  • Communicating repeatedly with anonymous letter
  • Communicating repeatedly at inconvenient hours
Cyber Harassment of a Child

The victim of this crime is always a child. If the person with the intention of harassing, annoy or alarm commits the harassment using electronic and digital modes or social media, then it is known to be cyber harassment of a child. They can commit the following acts:

  • Communication with "seriously disparaging statement or opinion" about the physical characteristics of a child, sexuality and sexual activity, physical or mental health condition
  • Communicating a threat of inflicting harm
Penalties of Harassment Charges in Pennsylvania

The harassment can be summary harassment or even a third degree misdemeanor. In the case of summary harassment, the defendant can get 90 days of jail time and fines up to $300. If it is a third degree misdemeanor, then the jail time might be of one year along with a fine up to $2000. The penalties might get increased if the offender is violating PFA order or harassing the family members of the victim too.

Examples of Harassment in Pennsylvania

There are various ways one can commit harassment. Take a look.

  • Repeatedly attempting to contact the victim
  • Sending lewd content to the victim
  • Making several threats
  • Attempting or contacting at inconvenient hours like late night
  • Following the victim in a public place
  • Threatening a minor online
  • Sending sexual or disparaging content to a child virtually
  • Making physical contact with the victim with the intention of harm

In all of these examples, it needed to be proven in the court that the intention of the offender was wrong.

Defending Harassment Charges with Pittsburgh domestic violence lawyer

The severity of harassment is a bit lower than stalking. Also, the intent of the defendant plays the primary role of harassment. And that is why in the trial, defendant’s words and victim’s words can be used to prove that the defendant was the harasser.

You need to get in touch with a Pittsburgh domestic violence lawyer. Come to Logue Law Group and let us take care of your charges. For more details, give us a call.

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