How to Defend Against a PFA Order

If you have been charged with domestic violence, then life has become already difficult for you. You are probably facing charges from different areas of law. These charges can affect your life, career, divorce and custody proceedings along with your day to day life. You might also find out that a PFA order has been issued against you. This order is known to be intrusive and damaging for practically anyone. To come out of this situation, you need the help of a Pittsburgh PFA lawyer.

At Logue Law Group, we have fought for many PFA cases where our Pittsburgh PFA lawyer ensured favorable outcomes for our clients. It is obvious that you are under a lot of pressure in this situation. So, without any delay, talk to our lawyer today.

PFA Order in Pennsylvania

A PFA order or protection from abuse order is a court order that has been used to establish rules between two people in a domestic violence case. While the person filing for the PFA order is called the plaintiff and the person against whom it is filed is called the defendant. A plaintiff can file various types of PFA orders against the defendant. The first type is the Emergency PFA order that gets issued by the on call judge. The judge has the full discretion of considering the situation to be an emergency. Another type of PFA order is “ex parte” which extends the emergency PFA order to a few more days. In these both cases, the defendant doesn’t get to know that the plaintiff has appealed for the orders. A trial is not held in both of these PFA orders.

The final PFA order is a long-lasting court order. Both the plaintiff and the defendant will be required to be present in court for the order to be passed. This is the only chance for the defendant to present their argument in front of the judge. You will require the help of a Pittsburgh PFA lawyer in this case.

Defense Against PFA Order

If you are facing a PFA order, then you will be required to remain present in the court for the final trial. You need to consult with a Pittsburgh PFA lawyer so that they can present the evidence and argument against the PFA order. Even if the order gets issued against you, the judge considers the argument of the defendant to determine the terms of the PFA order. The duration of the effect of the PFA order is several years.

Consult with Pittsburgh PFA lawyer

Facing the charges of domestic violence as well as the PFA order can feel like confusing and overwhelming for various reasons. And that is why you need the help of an experienced Pittsburgh PFA lawyer who can aggressively defend you in the court. And that is why you need to come to Logue Law Group. We are experienced lawyers and we have fought several cases of PFA orders where the defendant has got favorable outcome. We will fight for you too. Give us a call today for a free consultation.

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