Inadequate Security

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When you are out for the day visiting businesses or out for a night on the town, you expect to not have to worry about security for yourself and your family. We expect the businesses that we patronize to ensure our safety while we are there. When something happens at a place we expect to be secure and someone is injured or even killed, the business in which the crime occurred may be responsible. If this is the case, then the victim will need an attorney to help walk them through the situation and make sure the responsible parties are held accountable.

There are several situations in which these cases (also referred to as premises liability claims) can occur. For example, if you are out at a club and are injured in a fight you were not involved in due to lack of security available to help break up or avoid an altercation in the first place. Also, if you are at an arena or stadium and were assaulted in a dark hallway that may have been avoided due to better lighting or more cameras present. These situations could have been avoided or diminished had there been these extra and necessary security measures.

When looking at these cases, the court will take into account three separate areas of the situation including:

  • What type of business at which the crime occurred (some types of business may require a higher level of security).
  • The crime rate in the surrounding area (if a business is located in a high crime area it may require a higher level of security).
  • Where in the business did the crime occur (in a main area of said business carries a higher penalty as opposed to a parking lot that is more of a public area).

There are several other considerations that a court may take into account when looking into a case, including, but not limited to:

  • Locks on doors
  • Brightness and frequency of lighting
  • Where the criminal entered the premises (did they come through an entrance or is there an opening through which they were able to sneak)
  • Noise levels at the time of the incident
  • Fences, gates or other deterrents
  • Areas where a criminal may hide (bushes, walls, etc.)

When the security of the business is being evaluated, there are levels at which the court may feel certain aspects must be held. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • How often the premises are patrolled
  • How they handle reporting incidents
  • How cash is handled
  • How the property is managed by the security staff
  • How they handle closing procedures and scheduling of security
  • How the training of the security and staff is handled

In a case where you or someone you know have been injured at a business or even killed due to a lack of security measures, the responsible party must be held accountable and the victim(s) must receive the compensation they are entitled to. Contact Logue Law Group at (412) 612-2210 in order to talk to one of our knowledgeable and experienced attorneys today.