Innocent Unless Proven Guilty

Maybe you have seen a commentator complaining about a murder on a news program. Or maybe you saw on social media that a famous person has been arrested for drug possession. Oftentimes, you will instantly assume that they are guilty.

However, appearances can be deceiving, and just because something looks guilty doesn’t mean they are. The truth is, any assumptions you make can be proved wrong when the actual facts are gathered.

Regardless of the circumstance, every person deserves the assumption of innocence, as well as the provision of a fair trial. An experienced and determined Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer from Logue Law Group can help you in defending your rights. Look for someone like us, who understands that you are innocent until proven guilty and who will help you navigate the criminal justice system.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

There is a vast difference between innocent unless proven guilty and until proven guilty. The U. S. Constitution guarantees that it is every individual’s legal right to be assumed innocent until facts prove otherwise.

The evidence the prosecution presents has one requirement: that it be so compelling that you are proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. It’s your attorney’s job to demonstrate that there is doubt enough that you must be acquitted of the crimes against you.

Our Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyers are highly dedicated to fighting for justice for their clients. They understand that you are innocent unless proven guilty, and will work tirelessly to prove to a jury that you are innocent. They will use every one of their considerable skills to tear apart the case against you and raise the possibility of doubt.

Whatever the evidence is that the prosecutor has against you, one of our attorneys will disqualify it in the eyes of the judge and/or jury. Maybe your case is a DUI. Our attorney will look at the methods used to measure the alcohol in your blood. Was the sample – be it breath, urine, or blood – taken by a trained individual? How recent was their training? If it was a breath test, when was the machine last maintained and calibrated? Did the person who did that have proper training?

If it was a speeding ticket, was a VASCAR device used? If so, those are notoriously inaccurate. Did the cop pull over the correct vehicle? On a four-lane road, if the officer was traveling the other way, there might be two similar vehicles on the road by the time he crosses the median and pulls you over. How does he know for sure it was you who he busted with his device?

Why Choose Logue Law Group?

The criminal justice system is a complex one, with laws changing constantly. Hiring our Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyers will be a vital part of safeguarding your freedom. By using one of our lawyers, you are ensuring that your rights are safeguarded and that you have the best defense possible. When you or a loved one are charged with a crime, it is crucial to have an experienced lawyer on your side that understands the different challenges you will experience, along with ensuring that the jury understands that you are innocent until proven guilty.

The Pittsburgh criminal defense attorneys at Logue Law Group look forward to helping you safeguard your Constitutional rights when it comes to the assumption of innocence. For a consultation and more information, contact our attorneys today and learn how they can assist you with your case. Our attorneys study the law constantly so that they can offer you the finest defense possible with a lawyer who knows the laws and the criminal justice system. If you wish to protect your rights, then call us today. We are licensed and certified so you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that you are in safe hands.

Don’t wait to call! The longer you wait to hire an attorney, the more difficult it will be to get a good outcome for your case.

Don’t delay; call us today at (412) 612-2210 or (412) 612-2210. Or, you can contact us online.

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