Keeping Up With the Latest DUI Technology

The large majority of Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney Sean Logue’s practice is DUI defense. As such, it is important that he and his associates stay abreast of current DUI law and cases in Pennsylvania, and all the technology involved in DUI arrests. He needs to know all about breath test machines and blood testing, how they work, and everything that could go wrong with either of those two things. Sean attends conferences as a member of the National College of DUI Defense, at which he learns about scientific evidence, including blood, breath, and urine testing, and the proper way to defend a case involving Driving Under the Influence charges. This advanced training is the reason it’s so important that you hire a DUI specialist, who handles mostly DUI cases.

All Driving Under the Influence of alcohol or drugs cases involve Blood Alcohol Concentration results, be they breath test results, urine test results, or blood test results. In the case of breath tests, an attorney must be familiar with many aspects of the machine that does the test. He must understand how it is calibrated, and he needs to understand the process of certification for operators of the machine. He needs to know to ask about that operator, what the status of his or her certificate is, if it’s still good, and if the operator has been recertified.

In the matter of blood tests, a DUI lawyer needs to understand the chain of custodies of the blood sample, which means who had it in their possession and when. He has to be able to challenge this at trial. Was the blood properly removed from the person? Was it labeled appropriately to assure it was not mixed up with someone else’s sample? Was it transported in a proper manner by the state trooper or police officer from the hospital to the police station? Was it stored properly once it got there? Was it taken to the lab for analysis?

All of these things are very important in DUI defense. You need an attorney who understands this, and who takes his training seriously. If you hire a lawyer who handles few DUI cases, and who has not had the advanced training, you open yourself up to the possibility of losing your case and facing all the harsh and life-disrupting consequences of a DUI conviction.

It is easy for an improperly or undertrained individual to make mistakes in blood alcohol testing. It is the job of a DUI defense attorney to find those mistakes and bring them to the court’s attention.

It takes training and skill to defend a client in a trial, and Sean Logue and his associates have both the training and the skill. They have taken classes specific to DUI trials, and have learned the proper methods for cross-examining prosecution witnesses and experts. They know how to get to the truth of a witness’ training and experience and how to successfully argue against the evidence that has been provided by untrained or improperly trained BAC test operators. Added to their years of experience, this training makes them a formidable force for their clients.

Have you been stopped for Driving Under the Influence and arrested? Are you looking for a Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney with advanced DUI defense training, who specializes in DUI defense? If so, you don’t need to look any further. The Logue Criminal Defense team has the advanced training in DUI defense that assures you of the best possible outcome to your case.

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