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When it comes to stalking, generally, the idea is that a shrouded figure is following you on the dark road on the way to home. But in reality, things are not as dramatic. Often the defendant might not even realize that their behavior will bring in the charges of stalking. Repeatedly contacting someone or showing up at home or workplace for contacting can be stalking even when the defendant might not have the intention of harming anyone. There will be harsher consequences if you, the defendant have a PFA order issued against or are charged with domestic violence.

So, if you are charged for stalking, you need to contact with an experienced Pittsburgh domestic violence lawyer. At Logue Law Group, we have handled many cases related to stalking and we can help you too.

Stalking Charges in Pennsylvania

The law of 18 Pa. C.S.A. § 2709.1. defines stalking in Pennsylvania. As per the statute, the person committing the crime will be:

  • Engage in a specific behavior that is committed to another person while the victim has reasonable fear of bodily injuries or substantial mental distress.
  • Repeated act of communicating with the intent of causing bodily injury or emotional distress.
Penalties of Stalking Charges

The charges of stalking can be of different levels depending on the history of the person and his involvement with other crimes. Stalking, in most of the cases is considered to be a first degree misdemeanor. But if the offense is repeated second time or more, it will be considered as a class 3 felony. That will happen in the case of following incidents.

  • The defendant is convicted previously of a crime of violent nature with the same person or other family members or household members.
  • The defendant is knowingly or unknowingly violating the PFA order.

In the case of first degree misdemeanor, you will get 5 years of jail time and a fine up to $10,000. In the case of third degree felony, seven years of jail time and a fine up to $15,000.

Examples of Stalking in Pennsylvania

At times, stalking can become a charge because of a misunderstanding between two parties. The following examples can help you understand this better:

  • Contacting the individual repeatedly over phone or text messages or in person or verbally contacting especially if they don’t have any desire to talk to you.
  • Following an individual without their knowledge or any permission.
  • Showing up unexpectedly or making threats that will make the plaintiff feel threatened.
  • Repeatedly showing up at the private residence while the alleged victim doesn’t want to be bothered there and the presence is making him or her feel threatened.
  • Talking or sending lewd comment or sexual innuendoes to someone who has expressed that they don’t want this to continue.

At times, even when the defendant doesn’t intend to do any harm, the alleged victim might perceive this as a threat. In such cases, you will need the assistance of Pittsburgh domestic violence lawyer.

Consult Pittsburgh domestic violence lawyer

At Logue Law Group, our Pittsburgh domestic violence lawyer will help you understand about your rights. You will get the rightful outcome. For a free consultation, visit us today.

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