Risk of Parkinson’s Disease - Paraquat Lawsuit

Farmers across the US have been using paraquat dichloride, more commonly known as paraquat, as an herbicide since the 1960s. This herbicide agent is sold by leading agrochemical manufacturing companies like Chevron Chemicals and Growmark, based in Texas and Illinois respectively. Paraquat was used on more than hundred varieties of crops all over the country and until recent findings, it had been one of the trusted herbicides in the market. Experiments conducted in Southern California confirmed that MPTP, which is a prodrug used as a heroin contaminant, has the potential to cause Parkinson’s Disease. The conclusion of the experiment was that MPTP destroys dopamine neurons, the same damage that is incurred by patients of Parkinson’s Disease.

Lawsuits were filed against paraquat because it shares a similar, almost identical chemical composition as MPTP. Pittsburgh Paraquat lawyers from the Logue Law Group have helped the affected individuals file lawsuits against this herbicide to facilitate the process of banning it and the manufacturing companies that sell it.

What is Paraquat?

Paraquat is widely used across the US as a commercial herbicide. It is often called “gramoxone” in the country and has been available to the farmers since 1962. It is utilized in controlling and killing weeds in crops such as cotton, potato, sugarcane, soybean and some varieties of vegetables. This herbicide has extremely potent toxic properties, which can result to be fatal among humans if consumed directly. Paraquat is also used as a drying agent for the post-harvest purposes.

Since this herbicide is labelled under “restricted-use” due to its high toxic levels, it can be applied, loaded and mixed by individuals who are trained and certified. Pittsburgh Paraquat lawsuit lawyers confirmed that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers certain training programs, completion of which certifies a person eligible to use paraquat on cropping fields.

What is the Lawsuit Against Paraquat?

The lawsuit reiterates EPA’s announcement from 1997 that the primary route of exposure and subsequent paraquat contamination, is when the herbicide is mixed, loaded, applied and later used as a drying agent after the harvest. Lawyers of the Logue Law Group have claimed on behalf of plaintiffs that the group of pesticides that are linked to Parkinson’s Disease are known to block the mitochondrial complex, causing oxidative stresses. Pittsburgh Paraquat lawsuit lawyers pledged as plaintiff representatives that studies have proven paraquat to be closely associated with Parkinson’s Disease.

Parkinson’s Disease & Symptoms

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disorder of the central nervous system. When there is a damage to the nerve cells of the brain, this disease is the likely outcome. Pittsburgh Paraquat lawyers conferred with healthcare experts and they said that while treatment can help with the challenges of this disease, there is no cure available till date. The symptoms are both motor and non-motor, let us take a look at them.

Motor Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease
  • Tremors (hand, foot, leg, jaw, mouth, chin, tongue and internal tremors)
  • Rigidity (torso, limbs)
  • Arthritis
  • Bradykinesia (slow movements of facial expressions, reduced blinking of eye)
  • Postural imbalance
  • Vocal complications (slurred or rapid speech)
  • Walking complications (propulsion and freezing)
Non-Motor Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease
  • Personality changes
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Psychosis
  • Melanoma
  • Weight loss
  • Vision impairment
  • Gastric issues
  • Dizziness
  • Urinary complications
  • Sweating
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Disturbed olfactory system (sense of smell)
  • Cognitive changes

If you think you might be exposed to paraquat and developed any of these symptoms, you might have the right to file a lawsuit. Contact the Pittsburgh injury lawyers to know the eligibility of your case.

What Should You Do?

Logue Law Group¬†offers free case evaluations and our lawyers are committed to bring justice to the individuals affected by this toxic herbicide. If you suspect exposure to paraquat and have ongoing symptoms of the Parkinson’s Disease or had experienced any of these signs in the past, you might have a claim to a financial compensation. Pittsburgh injury lawyers will assess your case closely and provide the best plan of action in your favor.

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