PFA Civil Penalties

If you have received the notice of PFA, then you will be facing some civil repercussions. The penalties you get will be civil. You don’t have any criminal penalties as you will not be imprisoned or you are supposed to pay any fine. Getting PFA will only have civil penalties. However, if you have not obeyed the PFA order and have violated any terms, then you will get criminal contempt that will bring you subsequent penalties.

Often people make the common mistake of considering the PFA to be something minor. Even though you don’t face any legal obligations, this is a very serious order which might leave you confused and overwhelmed. That is why you need to appoint the right Pittsburgh PFA lawyer for your case. At Logue Law Group, we have handled many cases of PFA. And we can help you too.

Civil Penalties in Pennsylvania for PFA Order

The civil penalties can be of broad-spectrum and can affect your life in the following ways:

Losing Child Custody

Often with the PFA order, you might lose custody of your child. The plaintiff can get custody of the child even though temporarily. The judge can help the plaintiff get custody if they are convinced that the shard children are in immediate danger or are abused by you.

Losing Contact With the Plaintiff

You will be distinctly instructed that you are not supposed to be in contact with the plaintiff. When you get notified by the court about the PFA order, you need to make sure that you are not connecting with the plaintiff in any shape or form no matter how tempted you feel for that. You not only maintain physical distance from them but also you must not call or email or text the plaintiff in any circumstances.

No Contact With the Extended Others

When you get the PFA order, it might specify that you cannot be in contact with the extended others including the family members or friends of the plaintiff. You might be prohibited to connect with your children.

Relinquishing Firearm

If you already possess a firearm, the PFA order can require you to relinquish your firearm, ammunition, or any other kind of weapon that might pose a danger to others. This will be for a temporary period. This can be difficult if your job requires having a firearm.

Changed Living Situation

In many cases, the plaintiff and the defendant share the same house. The PFA order will change the living situation for you. As you will be supposed to stay away from the plaintiff, you might have to find a place where you can live. You can go to a relative or a friend’s house or you can go and stay in a hotel.

Connect With Pittsburgh PFA Lawyer

At Logue Law Group, we have dealt with many serious cases of PFA and our Pittsburgh PFA lawyer has helped many to get the rightful justice. Call us today for getting a free consultation.

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