PFA for Victims

Being abused by the people you love and trust can be very difficult for you. And when you are abused, the abuser will try to take away your dignity and make you feel that you don’t have any right or any way to save yourself. But that is not true. You have every right to get protection from the law so that you can take necessary action against your abuser. You first need to get the protection from abuse order which is also known as a restraining order.

If you are wondering how you can take such a serious step on your own, then don’t worry. We, Logue Law Group are here for you. We ensure that you get the rightful justice and you can remain protected by the law from the abuser. Our Pittsburgh PFA lawyer will help you in this matter.

Domestic Violence Law in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania state takes the matter of domestic violence very seriously. It is because of the devastating effect of the situation on the victim as well as the children involved. To stop the abuser from being even more dangerous and to offer the abused some legal protection, the state grants a Protection from abuse order so that the abuser can be stopped immediately. It will help you the abused to have some security while the abuser gets to be stopped without the criminal charges in the first place. If you can get the PFA order, it will stop the abuse immediately. Also, another benefit of PFA is that it will move very quickly than any other law. You can get overnight emergency PFA orders too.

Types of PFA orders

There are three types of PFA orders that you can get.

Emergency PFA Order

This is granted in the time of the worst kind of domestic violence cases. This order can be issued by the magisterial district judge on call and the release happens immediately. For getting this order, you as the plaintiff will have to prove that you are in immediate danger and you need immediate legal intervention. The emergency PFA order doesn’t require having a hearing where the abuser will be present too. This order remains in effect overnight and you need to go for another PFA the next business day.

Ex Parte PFA Order

This one is more permanent than the emergency order. This will require a hearing and a judge to be convinced that you are abused and in immediate danger. This will be proved by the preponderance of the evidence that will show you are not safe. If you are successful, then you will get a ten days order and then you will have the final hearing.

Final PFA Order

The final PFA order will give you the best protection and will help you stay safe for the next three years. This will also require a hearing where your abuser will get to present their arguments too. But once granted, you will get enough time to heal and find solace from the trauma you have suffered from.

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