PFA Orders and Second Amendment Right

In America, everyone has the right to possess a firearm. This right is guaranteed. However, in certain situations, you might lose the right to have a firearm. If you own a firearm and are accused of domestic abuse, you will be stripped of your rights to possess a firearm.

When you suddenly get the PFA order, things might feel overwhelming for you. You might not be aware of the provisions it will cover. That is why you might violate one inadvertently. This is why you need to get in touch with the right Pittsburgh PFA lawyer. At Logue Law Group, we have defended many clients who have been served with PFA orders. We will fight for your rights too.

What Is PFA Order?

PFA or Protection from Abuse is a court order which will be filed in the case of domestic abuse. PFA order will prohibit the defendant to take some actions. The person filing the PFA order is known as the plaintiff. There are three types of PFA orders in Pennsylvania. The most commonly used one is called an emergency PFA order. If the plaintiff is in danger and needs protection, they can connect with the on-call judge who will grant the emergency PFA order. The defendant doesn’t get to know about this unless the court sends them to notice. This is a temporary order in nature. The plaintiff can file the ex parte PFA that will be temporary too and doesn’t need the defendant to be present at the hearing.

In both of these cases, the defendant will receive the notice of PFA from the court. The next type of PFA order is final and will be issued at a hearing in front of the judge. The hearing will happen at the local court of common pleas. In this type of PFA order, the defendant gets a chance to defend themselves and produce evidence. The judge will consider both viewpoints and decide whether the PFA will be issued or not. This is the time when the judge also considers the provisions and terms in the PFA.

How Can PFA Restrict Using Firearm?

With the second amendment, every citizen of the USA got the right of carrying firearms. However, this right can be affected due to some criminal offenses. The PFA order can not only restrict the use of the firearm but also can relinquish the firearm altogether. Most of the time, PFA is issued in cases of domestic violence. That is why the defendant is supposed to give their firearm to the authority until the charges are resolved.

Connect With Pittsburgh PFA Lawyer

When you are facing a PFA order and looking for legal assistance, come to us at Logue Law Group. We are experienced in representing the defendants in court and have got our previous clients the rightful justice. For you, we can do the same. We can represent you in the court and ensure that the PFA is not issued or even if it is, the terms are lenient for you. For getting a free consultation from our Pittsburgh PFA lawyer, call us today.

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