PFA Orders Do’s and Don’ts

If you have just got the notification from the court that a PFA order has been issued for you, it will make you nervous and apprehensive. The PFA orders involve many terms and provisions and that is why you need to have a very clear idea so that you don’t violate the terms of the PFA order. Violating PFA will result in criminal contempt along with other criminal charges. This will prohibit you from doing many things too.

That is why you need to retain the right Pittsburgh PFA lawyer who will be able to inform you about the seriousness of the court order and guide you through the legal procedure. At Logue Law Group, we have dealt with many clients who were served PFA. And we have successfully helped them get more lenient terms. Our Pittsburgh PFA lawyer will help you understand the court order better.

What not to Do After Getting a PFA

When you get notified that you have got a PFA issued against you, this will surely put you in a difficult situation. This will mean that someone has accused you of domestic violence or being abusive. Both of these allegations are very serious for you. You might feel tempted to respond rashly but it will not be a good idea. Rather, it will get you into more trouble.

There are three types of PFA orders and emergency, Ex Parte and Final PFA orders. As they are all court orders, you are bound to abide by them. Violating them will result in criminal contempt. This will result in 6months of jail time and fine up to $1000. Along with that, if you possess any firearm, that might get confiscated. While underlying PFA doesn’t show in a criminal record, the contempt of the court order will get added up in your criminal record.

That is why it is crucial that you don’t violate the PFA order any way. During the PFA order, you must not connect with the plaintiff. You must not even reach out and ask why the order is issued against you. If you share a house or an apartment with the plaintiff, then you should look for another place to live so that you don’t remain close to the plaintiffs. The main aim should be that you don’t violate any of the provisions of the order.

What to Do After Getting a PFA

Some of the provisions of the PFA can have very distinct instructions that you should follow. These provisions can include that you will not get the license for the possession of another firearm. The provisions might include the terms that will specify that you are not only required to refrain from getting in touch with the plaintiff but also you must not get in touch with any family members and friends. You need to ensure that you are in compliance with the terms of the PFA order.

Connect With Pittsburgh PFA Lawyer

At the time of PFA, connect with Pittsburgh PFA lawyer. Come to Logue Law Group. We will protect your rights while ensuring you get the rightful justice. For a free consultation, call us now.

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