Protection From Abuse Order and Custody Issues

If you are charged with domestic violence, then there might be some consequences that you will have to face. This particular charge can affect employment, renting a house or buying property, and so on. In fact, you might have to carry the case over to family law. Moreover, if the court has released a PFA order on you due to the alleged domestic violence, then that can affect your custody situation too.

If you have been served a PFA notice and you are afraid that you might lose the custody of your children, then come to us. At Logue Law Group, our Pittsburgh PFA lawyer has helped many clients with the PFA lawsuit. We can help you deal with the long legal battle.

PFA Order in Pennsylvania

The court issues a PFA order when there is a situation involving domestic violence. PFA means protection from abuse. With this court order, the contact between the victim, the plaintiff, and the alleged abuser or the defendant might be prohibited. If anyone violates the PFA order, then it will be considered to be a crime. The plaintiff can file a PFA in many ways. They can file an emergency PFA when the immediate danger is imminent. The order will be issued by the on-call judge and this one will be issued for a temporary period. This order gets issued most of the time when the defendant doesn’t know about it or didn’t have any chance to provide any evidence. Apart from this one, a plaintiff can file an Ex Parte PFA order. This also will happen without the knowledge of the defendant. The plaintiff needs to move to the court for proceeding with the order.

No matter which of these two the plaintiff has got for you, both of these are temporary. As a defendant, you will get the notice that the order has been issued against you and the matter will lead to a hearing. The defendant must be in the hearing so that they can defend their case. While the lawyer of the plaintiff will put out evidence, our Pittsburgh PFA lawyer will argue and give evidence on the behalf of the defendant. After the hearing, the judge will decide on the final PFA order. In this case, you need to know that despite the PFA order on you, the court will listen to you, the defendant, before they decide anything on the final PFA order. Even if there is a permanent PFA, yet the judge will ask for the opinion of the defendant before he decides on the terms of PFA.

Can PFA Order Affect Child Custody?

The issues PFA order will have some of the terms involved that the defendant will have to abide by. Yes, the order might have the term regarding the custody of the child. No matter whether the defendant already has custody or not, this order will determine the custody nature. At times, the situation of custody with the PFA means that the defendant will have to renegotiate the terms of the custody at the family court.

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