Role of 911 Calls in Domestic Violence Defense Cases

It has been observed by surveys made in Pennsylvania that deaths in domestic violence cases have increased. This has led to serious concern in the minds of lawmakers because of which stricter laws have been incorporated into the system. It has been noted that domestic violence has been meted out more against women than men. But the laws of the state do not discriminate against any gender.

It is difficult to get the correct information on social media platforms regarding laws related to domestic violence. Logue Law Group is at your rescue. We have compiled all necessary information that you require to present a strong case and escape penalizations and or arrest. It has been noticed by the police officers in Pennsylvania that reporting domestic violence has increased via 911 calls. Why are alleged victims calling 911 to report a crime? What should you do when charges have been made against you via 911?

Before getting into the intricacies of 911 calls, it is necessary to understand the implications of domestic violence in Pennsylvania and hire a good Pittsburgh PFA Lawyer for strong defense in court.

What is Domestic Violence According to Pennsylvania?

Domestic violence is not a separate charge but finds a place among other criminal activities like stalking, harassing, etc. However, domestic abuse charges are taken seriously under the law of Pennsylvania and you have to pay heavy penalties or at times even be arrested for this. A good Pittsburgh PFA Lawyer can help you defend yourself when situations like these arise. These are the situations that will be considered as domestic abuse-

  • If you have knowingly or recklessly caused bodily harm, serious bodily injury, sexual or non-sexual assault against minors, indecent threats or physical assault, incest, statutory sexual assault, forced sexual intercourse. These cases may or may not be accompanied by weapons and be considered as domestic violence.
  • Instilling fear in the minds of family members and/or spouses to cause the body harm.
  • If you are instigating false imprisonment under the state code.
  • Sexual or nonsexual abuse of domestic violence will be considered domestic abuse.
How Serious Are 911 Calls in a Domestic Violence Case?

There was a previous case in the state of Pennsylvania where 911 had failed to send help to a woman's call of need which resulted in an unfortunate death. Since then the police department and Protection authorities insist on taking all domestic abuse calls seriously. If your family member or spouse has called the police on you, the best decision would be to contact an experienced Pittsburgh Domestic Abuse Lawyer because these 911 call charges are serious.

911 transcripts can be used against you in court. If there is a recording of the accuser acting violent or threatening the alleged victim, it is substantial proof of domestic violence meted out against the victim. The prosecutor may call out witnesses who can testify against the accuser or even play the 911 recording as standalone proof. At times it has been seen that the alleged victim has made a 911 call to have strong support of the court in matters related to child custody, spousal support, or even divorce proceedings. Whatever the intent maybe it is better to have a skilled Pittsburgh Domestic Abuse Lawyer to defend you in such a situation.

Whom to Contact?

Attorney Sean Logue has been defending clients facing domestic violence charges for a long time. If a 911 call has proof of you acting violent towards the alleged victim, it is best to trust the expert. He will defend you strongly against domestic violence and other criminal charges. Call him at (412) 612-2210 to receive help now!

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