Sexual Abuse Lawsuit in Pittsburgh

In recent years, cases of sexual assault have gained a lot of attention. Many civil and criminal lawsuits have been filed against the clergymen, leaders, politicians, famous people and people in positions of authority. As a result, it has got the attention of the nation and media. If you have faced this too, then our Pittsburgh clergy abuse lawyer is here to help you.

At Logue Law Group, we understand how grave and painful a case of sexual assault can be for the victim. We approach the case with complete discretion and compassion and our Pittsburgh sexual abuse lawyer will ensure that you or your loved one gets the rightful justice.

What is Sexual Assault

Rape, an attempt of rape and even touching someone through cloth without their permission, all are considered sexual assault.

In the USA, the definition of sexual assault for different states has the same factor. It is considered to be the act where the victim has not given consent and is pressured or coerced and incapacitated or if the victim is minor.

Since 1993, all fifty states and the District of Columbia consider marital rape to be a criminal offense as well. The consent in any sexual act can be withdrawn at any point (even during it).

What is Forcible Rape

Forcible rape is a crime where the perpetrator has used physical means to force another person to perform a sexual act without his or her consent. Research offers some shocking statistics of forcible rape that you must know.

  • Almost 20% of women have said that they have been raped forcibly at one point in their life.
  • In 80% of the cases of forcible rape, the victim was below 25 years of age.
  • Most of the sexual violence happens on college campuses. But only 20% of these assaults get reported.
  • 2% of victims of forcible rape are men. 30% of them were raped when they were children.
  • CDC says that only half of the forcible cases get reported and only 25% perpetrators get arrested.
  • The reason for the low reporting is that the rapist is familiar to the victim. They can be ex-lovers, dating partners, spouses or someone the victim knew.
Child Sexual Abuse

When an adult or an adolescent person pressures, coerces and manipulates a child to perform a sexual act for sexual gratification, it is called child sexual abuse. It can have numerous forms including:

  • Forcible rape
  • Psychologically pressuring the child for sexual gratification
  • Exposing the child to pornographic images
  • Watching child pornography

The effect of child sexual abuse in the mind of the victim can have a serious impact. In many cases, the victim suffers from depression, anxiety, PTSD and many other issues for his/her entire life. And as a trusted person has abused them, it takes a toll on their minds.

These cases include the perpetrator who has the position of authority and trust, like parents, siblings, relatives, camp counselors, Boy Scout leaders and even priests. Most of the cases remain unreported as the child is often too young to understand the assault or are bribed to not open their mouth or be manipulated.

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