Summary Offenses

One of the least serious crimes, when compared to other types or categories of crimes in Pennsylvania, is a summary offense. The punishments related to this crime differ, as well.

Meaning of a Summary offense

A summary offense is one of the least serious criminal activities. Some of the crimes that can be classified as a summary offense are mentioned below:

  • Criminal mischief
  • Public drunkenness
  • Traffic offenses

The punishments for a summary offense are not as harsh as the ones related to other criminal offenses, like felonies. Some of the penalties and punishments that are generally given to the person accused of a summary offense are as follows:

  • You can face as many as 90 days of imprisonment.
  • You might have to pay a fine of up to $300.
Getting the Help of an Attorney

Once you are charged with a summary offense, which generally means you are given a ticket, you have ten days to either plead guilty or not guilty. If you do not respond, a warrant for your arrest will be issued by the court. It is easier to hire a lawyer right away than to ignore the summons and hope it all goes away.

A criminal offense can disrupt your life and keep you from meeting your goals. You might find it difficult to find employment, or might face issues in society.

If you plead not guilty, a hearing notice will be sent to you. This hearing will be set for some future date. If you change your mind about your plea at this point, you can change it to guilty at the hearing, though that might add some court costs to your fine.

How Can A Lawyer Help?

Do not delay making contact with a Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Lawyer if you or any of your loved ones have been accused of such a crime. Dealing with this kind of a criminal charge alone is not at all advisable. After all, any kind of minor accusation can lead to a big one if it is not handled properly.

If you have already pled guilty or been found guilty, you still have options. Your conviction can be appealed and a new hearing set. However, there is a time limit on these things, another reason to immediately hire a good Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Even though a summary offense is less serious than other crimes, it will still be beneficial to you if you hire a renowned Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer so that your case is presented in the best possible way in court. Your lawyer will explain your charges in detail and answer any questions you have about them. He will work to get you the lowest fines possible and keep you from going to jail. If you are charged with a summary offense, call the Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Lawyers at Logue Law Group today at (412) 612-2210 or (412) 612-2210. You can also contact us online.

Want To Learn More About Gravity Scores and Offense Classes?

The definitions of gravity scores and offense classes can be found in the Pennsylvania Criminal Code under Title 234, Chapter 10.