Tire Malfunction

While driving on the road if a tire blowout happens or if you have a tread of tire fly off, then it can be extremely dangerous for you and the fellow commuters on the road. When you are sitting behind the wheel of a car or a truck, you are liable for not only your vehicle, but also for the lives of the passengers and other motorists on the road and also your life too. A sudden tire malfunction can be a huge hazard for all. In fact, it causes accidents and injury all the time. Every year hundreds of people get injured and many die due to tire malfunction while driving on the road. In such a case, it is quite tricky to find out who is actually responsible for the malfunction. If you or your loved ones have been through such a horrible accident, you must get in touch with an experienced Pittsburgh, PA accident lawyer who can help you get through the legal complexities of claiming the compensation you deserve.

According to the report of National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, every year more than 79 thousand crashes happen due to a sudden tire blowout, flat tire or insufficient air pressure in tire prior to use. Tread death, unprecedented fluctuations in weather and low tire pressure can be the reasons for tire malfunctions. Apart from that, manufacturing defects in the tire or in the design can also become a cause of accidents. Often manufacturing companies recall the tires that are reported for poor quality or faulty design. However, it does the very least to decrease the number of accident. Tread separation can be extremely dangerous too, especially while driving on the highways as the vehicles run on a very high speed. SUVs and the larger trucks are more likely to cause disastrous accidents. However, the drivers of hatchbacks and small trucks should be careful too. If you have been affected by the tire malfunction of some other vehicle on the road or if your own tires have caused the accident, you must get in touch with the professional Pittsburgh, PA injury Lawyer as soon as possible.

Since tire malfunction causes around 500 fatal accidents every year, the government has imposed many rules and regulations on the car or vehicle owners. According to the regulations of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, a new vehicle should be equipped with tire air pressure checking system along with some more improved safety standards. However, if anyone fails to maintain and monitor the tires regularly, then the Pittsburgh, PA injury lawyer can bring it to the notice of jury and get the compensation for the victim so that he or she can manage the expenses of the treatment.

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