Water Contamination and Property Damage Caused by Fracking

Water Contamination

When the fracking practices started to become quite popular in Pennsylvania, what many failed to realize, that in the near future, it would expose the whole population to some really scary risks that will eventually take a toll on their lives as well as livelihood. For fracking, the companies use a thick liquid which breaks through the rock layers to reach the fuel underground and again it travels up. However, during this process, it gets close to the groundwater level. Especially, at the time of the water or the liquid coming up, it becomes potentially risky as it passes through the leaking well and enters the groundwater. From here, it goes directly to the fresh water wells or the natural water bodies. Eventually, this will cause a lot of health hazards for pets, people, and livestock.

The liquid used for fracking carries various kinds of materials that can be extremely harmful to health. When it comes up to the ground level, it carries methane, arsenic, radioactive materials and some other chemicals that the fracking companies as well as the gas and energy companies use but refuse to disclose. Though it is not possible to force them to disclose the names of the specific chemicals, yet, after testing, the environmentalists and scientists have concluded that it carries 65 different chemicals that are recognized hazardous by federal regulations. It is obvious that the deterioration on health and livelihood is due to water contamination in the area. It causes dizziness, respiratory issues, skin problem, and other chronic issues. If not treated properly, these problems can escalate to a different level and even cause cancer. To deal with the issues and get compensation, you must get in touch with a Pittsburgh, PA accident lawyer immediately.

Property Damage

Fracking can cause property damage in the areas that are in close vicinity of the drilling sites. The pollution in the air and soil can affect the foundation of the property on a long run. The soil contamination can also affect lands and harvest.

Continuous drilling on the surface of the earth can cause mild tremors and earthquakes. In 2011, the earthquake at the Pennsylvania-Ohio border was caused by excessive drilling work for extracting fuel from the ground. Also, constant heavy duty drilling and the transportation of heavy trucks and vehicles can cause serious damage to buildings and their foundations. This is one of the biggest reasons why many people are quickly selling off their properties and moving to different areas of the state.

The most dangerous consequence of constant drilling can be toxic spills and explosion. It will not only affect the property, but will also kill many. In such a situation, it is necessary to connect with a Pittsburgh, PA injury lawyer so that he or she can guide you to ensure more safety for you.

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