Ways in Which Domestic Violence Charges can be Dealt With

Most of us won’t understand the intricacies of law and order when faced with a domestic violence charge. Working professionals who are used to knowing the world from a mature point of view may also stagger and confuse themselves. Logue Law Group is your perfect aid, in times like these. Lawyer Sean Logue, one of the best Pittsburgh Domestic Violence Lawyer talks in detail about Domestic Violence Laws

What do the Pittsburgh Domestic violence laws entail?

The entire state of Pennsylvania does not have a domestic violence charge. However, the existence of the Protection from Abuse Act authorizes the state to protect victims from family crimes, or if family members are trying to harm. The law says a working professional can be charged if,

  • They attempt to cause intentional body harm/injury, sexual assault, forceful sexual intercourse, statutory sexual assault, any forms of sexual indecency, acts of incest, weapon attacks, etc.
  • Placing another in reasonable fear of imminent serious bodily injury;
  • They are creating an environment of hostility in the house, and if the victim is feeling threatened in their presence. Threat with the help of weapon attack may also be counted.
  • Physically or sexually abusing minor children
  • Touching minors inappropriately, or forcing them into indecent acts.
  • If the person is engaging in regular acts towards the victim which may be considered harmful or indecent; the victim may also file a complaint if he or she is in reasonable fear of bodily harm.
What are the outcomes of a Domestic Violence Charge?

Several penalties are given depending upon the seriousness of the crime. The state of Pennsylvania categorizes domestic abuse crime as first, second, or third-degree misdemeanors or even first, second, or third-degree felonies. The highest penalty charge that a person faces is twenty years in prison with a $25,000 fine. The penalty depends upon the kind of felony committed. The lowest penalty charge that a person faces for a third-degree misdemeanor is one year in jail with a $2,500 fine.

What should a professional do if charged with Domestic Violence charges?

If you are a professional dealing with domestic violence charges, it is important to consider a good Pittsburgh PFA Lawyer. When domestic violence is charge is issued against you in the law court, it is bound to make some serious damages to your profile. The penalties need to be handled seriously. Otherwise, the charges might drain you of your finances.

A good Pittsburgh Domestic Violence Lawyer will ensure that your integrity is not harmed during the process of investigation. If you are a part of some organization, these charges might affect your work adversely. The allegations need to be dealt with strictly and with minimum publicity.

Find expert help with Sean Logue

Sean Logue has led a successful career as a Pittsburgh PFA Lawyer. The defenses which he has prepared in favor of his clients have helped them during a domestic violence charge. If you are someone looking for help during trials, do not hesitate and reach out to him. He will provide the best guidance in your domestic violence cases.

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