What Are Medical Records and How Do They Aid a PFA Case?

There are many cases of strained relationships between spouses, dating partners, live-in partners, or even past partners. Sometimes these cases take an ugly violent turn. It has been reported by the Philadelphia Police Department that one in every four women is a victim of such abuse. Men have been abused in many scenarios but the percentage is way lesser than the women section. These victims may seek a court-approved Protection from Abuse order which forbids the alleged abuser to come in any contact with the party. If you are someone who has suffered such abuse, it is time for you to contact a good Pittsburgh PFA Lawyer. Logue Law Group will help you in learning all the important details of an abuse case. We advise you regarding all the necessary steps that need to be taken o guarantee your success in court.

What Happens After a PFA Has Been Filed?

After a PFA has been filed, most victims seek the help of an emergency room doctor or physician. When a doctor treats a victim of abuse they typically make notes of the entire injury. This record has the complete detail of the patient- medical history, diagnosis, affected areas, the extent of damage, etc. These records are confidential as per the laws of the federal government.

What Are Medical Records and Their Importance to an Abuse Case?

Medical sources can be considered as evidence according to the Philadelphia statutes. If the victim under the guidance of a trusted Pittsburgh PFA Lawyer decides to go ahead with the case, these records have an important role in moving the case forward.

Since all the injuries are documented under a medical professional, the report becomes proof of abuse meted to the victim. Like medical reports, even police reports stand as a testimony to the fact that the abuse was committed. If the report contains strong factual shreds of evidence with detailed and objective information, it will be in the favor of the victim to bring out the report.

Philadelphia and its laws regarding medical reports.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) states that medical experts can be called to the court in case of domestic abuse cases where the alleged victim has strong medical evidence. This medical provider may present all documents related to the case. But first, the victim is notified before the records are pulled out of the medical history of the person.

If you are consulting with an experienced Pittsburgh Domestic Violence Lawyer before taking matters to the court, he/she will make sure that the entire process makes you comfortable. At times the medical evidence might not be the best thing for you to present in court. In that case, your lawyer will ask you to not present your medical records.

When you are in Philadelphia, there are certain provisions regarding medical records that your Pittsburgh Domestic Violence Lawyer will acquaint you with-

  • Presenting a discharge summary is inefficient evidence and not valid proof of abuse committed.
  • All your details will be blacked out during the trial.
  • The court must see your extent of abuse via images recorded by the medical examiner.

Abuse cases are sensitive. One wrong turn and you could easily find yourself losing the case. When it comes to the law, it is better to trust an experienced practitioner like Sean Logue. He is available 24*7 for a free consultation on Domestic Abuse cases in Pittsburgh and West Virginia. Call him at (412) 612-2210 or visit www.seanloguelaw.com now!

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