Zimmer Hip Implant Recall Lawsuit

In 2006, Zimmer Holdings Inc. introduced one of the bestselling orthopedic devices to the market, the Zimmer Durom Acetabular Cup, more commonly known as the Durom Cup. It was used by surgeons on patients who required hip replacement surgeries and it was a trusted medical device since the manufacturers had a reputation of a series of successful products. However, within a few months of hitting the US market, the Durom Cup showed signs of life-threatening malfunctions. Logue Law Group has accommodated a number of clients who claimed to have suffered because of the faulty Durom Cup by Zimmer. Pittsburgh Zimmer Durom hip injury lawyers have argued on behalf of the Plaintiff that the hip implant has had a tremendous failure rate, which the manufacturers completely denied initially.

What is Zimmer Durom Acetabular Cup Used For?

The traditional hip replacement surgeries involved plastic or ceramic devices that would fit in the hip socket and facilitate movement for the patients. The Durom Cup by Zimmer Holdings Inc. has a metal-on-metal bearing which was designed to cause low friction and lower wear and tear. The Durom Acetabular component perfectly partners with the Durom femoral component, making movement and recovery extremely easy for the patients undergoing replacement surgery. Logue Law Group has heard from a lot of clients that the Durom Cup made promising advertisements and was considered one of the best hip replacement prosthesis devices.

What Do We Know About the Zimmer Durom Hip Recall Lawsuit?

The Durom Cup by Zimmer was available for only a short period of two years, till it was recalled in July, 2008. Pittsburgh Zimmer Durom hip injury lawyers asserted as representatives of the plaintiff that the orthopedic device failed to mate with the host bone, which is the basis of any hip replacement surgery. Owing to this malfunction, the Durom Cup freely migrates from its designated position, causing severe damage to the patient’s body. Logue Law Group consulted with the medical authorities and found that most of the patients who were implanted with the Durom Cup during the hip replacement surgery had undergone a revision surgery to rectify the issues caused by this faulty medical device. Pittsburgh injury lawyers argued on behalf of the plaintiffs that the rate of revision surgeries in case of Durom Cup was significantly higher than the traditional replacement devices. The Zimmer Durom recall lawsuit claims that this device was designed to increase the flexibility and life-span of artificial hips, which it utterly failed in doing.

What Are the Main Issues of the Durom Cup?

As several patients were suffering from severe side effects of the Durom Cup, the US FDA urged medical authorities to point to the main issues with this device. Dr. Lawrence Dorr, a notable orthopedic surgeon from Los Angeles, wrote in a letter to the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons that:

  • The patients with the Durom Cuo showed all the symptoms of a loose hip implant, even though X-rays might not point to it.
  • The dimeter and the surface of fixation of the Durom Cup was not adequate.
  • The techniques used by the surgeons to implant the faulty device was not an issue, even though the manufacturers constantly held on to this statement.

Nearly twelve thousand patients had been implanted by the Durom Cup in the US and most of them had to undergo correctional surgeries.

What Should You Do?

If you had undergone a hip replacement surgery where the Durom Cup was used, you might be entitled to a pecuniary compensation. You should contact the Logue Law Group in Pennsylvania and get in touch with the Pittsburgh injury lawyers for a free evaluation. These compensations are rewarded to:

  • People who had to undergo a revision surgery within 180 days of being implanted with the Durom Cup
  • People who passed away after filing an official complaint

Reach out to us and get a free case evaluation along with the best legal advice. Our lawyers will ensure you get compensated for the pain you had to suffer through.

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