Zimmer NexGen Knee Replacement Recall Lawsuit

The Indiana-based orthopedic company, Zimmer Holding Inc. has manufactured a variety of knee replacement devices which is surgically implanted into patients. The manufacturers advertised their NexGen series of orthopedic implantable devices as a new and lasting lease for individuals having bad knees. While most of these medical devices received no complaints, the NexGen MIS or minimally-invasive surgery components turned out to be a faulty batch and received a ton of complaints with impending lawsuits. Logue Law Group has helped many clients who claimed to have undergone revision surgeries and extensive side effects because of the implantable NexGen MIS device.

Pittsburgh Zimmer NexGen Knee Replacement Injury Lawyers from the Pennsylvania-based law firm have argued for their plaintiffs that the implant surgery where this device was used had completely failed caused by the malfunction of the NexGen MIS device. With the growing number of revision surgeries among patients, the US Food and Drug Administration issued a recall notice to Zimmer Holdings Inc. to withdraw the faulty knee replacement device from the market. In September, 2010, the FDA categorized this as a Class II action as a response to nearly 114 MDRs or medical device reportings.

What is NexGen MIS Device Used For?

Zimmer manufactured a series of knee replacement products to be included in the NexGen series of devices. Three such examples are NexGen CR-Flex, NexGen LPS-Flex and NexGen MIS Tibial Component. The MIS Tibial component is supposed to replace an individual’s tibia or the shinbone. Two bones stretch from the ankle to the knee known as fibula and tibia respectively. It is the latter one that is the larger of the two and is responsible greatly for an individual’s movements and mobility. The NexGen MIS Tibial device is implanted in the patient during the knee replacement surgery through a small incision. The structure of this component is such that it was easier both for the surgeon and the patient to tackle with it.

What Are the Issues With the NexGen MIS Device?

Zimmer’s NexGen MIS Tibial device was deemed defective by medical professionals because it showed signs of premature loosening and subsequently painful revision surgeries. Clients of the Pittsburgh Zimmer NexGen Knee Replacement injury lawyers have claimed that faced the following complications after receiving knee replacement surgery where the NexGen MIS device was used:

  • Severe infections
  • Additional loss of bone
  • Untimely and urgent revision surgery
  • Dislocation (the device does not lock properly after implant)
  • Swelling and inflammation at the site of surgery
  • Distinguishable warmth at the joint
  • Instability
  • Shooting pain along the leg where replacement surgery took place

If you have faced any of the listed complications, you might be entitled to a financial compensation. Contact the Pittsburgh injury lawyers at the Logue Law Group for details on the procedure.

When medical authorities were questioned about the possible side effects of a poorly executed knee replacement surgery, they asserted that:

  • It can cause serious difficulty in standing up and walking around by oneself
  • Loosening of the NexGen MIS Tibial component can cause the device to slip out of the socket
Who Needs NexGen MIS solution?

Medical representatives have explained that the following individuals are likely to have been implanted with NexGen MIS knee replacement component:

  • Extreme knee pain
  • Disability in movement
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Traumatic arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Polyarthritis
What Should You Do?

Zimmer Holdings Inc. is currently facing nearly 1300 lawsuits with regards to premature failing of knee replacement surgeries. It was reported that approximately 68,383 devices have already been implanted into patients across the country. The US FDA received no less than 114 official complaints concerning the NexGen MIS knee replacement devices. If you or someone you know has undergone replacement surgery where Zimmer NexGen MIS devices were used, you should contact the Pittsburgh injury lawyers to evaluate your case for a free and non-obligatory, private consultation. Our lawyers at the Logue Law Group have the reputation of providing impartial and exclusive attention to each client.

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