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How to Help a Child or a Friend Through a PFA Hearing?

Logue Law Group Team

It is no surprise that when a PFA order is charged against you, your entire life changes. PFA orders are accompanied by embarrassment and scrutiny from your social circle. These PFA orders are supposed to be taken very seriously by everyone. Sometimes restricted parties take these orders lightly which results in them facing terrible consequences. You may have a close friend or child who is affected by this order. They will need all the help that is there to make the proceedings easy. There are many you can help them out but first, you need to know about a PFA order. Misinformation or half information can lead to violations which is not a good situation for them. Logue Law Group brings you quality ensured information that will enable you to help your close ones.

How to Help a Friend Through a PFA Hearing?

The first way is to understand the seriousness of the Act. PFA orders are dictates through which the court levies a zero contact rule towards the restricted party. Communication is important to everyone. When one is unable to contact his/her close one, during a PFA order it becomes a taxing and daunting experience. Moreover, if a child is involved in the case, not seeing a particular parent can cause different types of trauma. Going through a PFA order is burdensome and your friend will need every kind of help.

The first piece of advice which you can offer to your friend is to hire the services of a Pittsburgh PFA Lawyer immediately. Unless your friend gets a lawyer on board, the complexities of a PFA order will not be clear to him/her. If the contents of a PFA order are not clear, it can lead to violations which is a terrible consequence. A defense lawyer will aid your friend’s case and see to it that he/she faces minimum penalties or punishments.

It is difficult to watch your close friends or their children go through a PFA order. Separation is a difficult sentiment to process and you need to provide as much support to your friend as you can. There is much case-related help that you can provide too. These are-

You Can Attend the Hearing

After a skilled Pittsburgh PFA Lawyer is appointed to your friend’s case, it is going to be easier for them. However, having close friends and family during the hearing of a PFA hearing will make them feel stronger than before. During such dire situations, it is essential to have the back of the restricted party. They are already facing the harsh scrutiny of society and your support will mean the world to them.

You Can Serve as a Witness

Most experienced Pittsburgh Domestic Violence Lawyer have agreed that when close friends and family act as witnesses to the PFA case proceeding, it becomes less of a tiring experience. If you get the opportunity to testify as a witness for your friend, take it. You will be able to shed light on the relationship that both parties share and your testimonials will act in favor of the restricted party. Many cases have been seen where the penalties and punishments of the restricted were minimized by close friend’s testimonials.

If the protected party has levied charges on your friend, your confessions can be used to lift them. It can be seen in many cases that false allegations have been levied on the restricted where testimonies from friends and family have saved the day. You need to provide honest confessions on the behalf of your friend to minimize PFA charges on him/her.

PFA orders can turn lives around. Adults are affected by the decision of one and the worst damage is meted to the child. Children have suffered many kinds of emotional trauma when his/her parents were involved in a PFA hearing. Separation from any parent is not the ideal situation and since your friend has to maintain zero contact with them, you can help the kids through the PFA hearing.

Guiding a Child Through PFA Hearing

PFA hearings are a hard hit for children. Their idea of an ‘ideal family’ breaks and their confidence and emotional support shatters. At times it has been observed that prosecutors misguide children in a PFA hearing to levy maximum penalties and punishments for the restricted party. Never let your family handle the case on his/her own. You need to guide your friend to hire a skilled defense lawyer.

At times, it becomes difficult to establish any kind of contact with a child because of the zero-contact policy. In any terms, your friend cannot establish communication via physical or electronic means. However, you can consult the lawyer on your friend’s behalf and contact the kids. It has been seen that the protected party has allowed the restricted party’s friends to visit and communicate with the child. The plaintiff might be hesitant to let the restricted party’s family meet the child and here is the moment where you can step in as a friend. Whenever you meet the child, it is important to make the child feel as normal as possible. Do not in any way try to poison the child’s mind. Some prosecutors might hold your communication as a violation of the PFA. At all times, ensure the child about a secure future and the fact that both sets of parents have nothing but love for them.

You need to be honest with the child. Sometimes the protected party might mislead the child on his/her side but you need to step with the truth about the situation. If a child is kept in dark for long, it proves to be devastating for their psyche.

According to many top counselors of the USA, PFAs and the restriction of having contact with the child has more severe effects on the child than an adult. Sometimes they feel let down and get the impression of choosing a parent. Choosing any parent is not easy for a child. In these cases, the most you can do as a friend is to find the restricted party a skilled Pittsburgh Domestic Violence Lawyer who will guarantee minimum damages. Attorney Sean Logue is at your rescue. He deals with utmost care and caution when a child is involved in a PFA hearing. He understands the complexities of the case and ensures minimum damages. Call him at 844.PITT.DUI to get the best advice for your loved one!

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Sean is the best criminal defense lawyer ever! He answered all questions and returned all calls and texts. He was informed. He was attentive and got us an outcome that we never expected! Want someone who will fight for you and protect your rights? If yes, then Sean Logue is the attorney you want on...

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