Check Fraud

Check frauds are quite common these days. It takes place when an individual seeks in making a purchase, obtaining bank account funds or the transaction of finances through a counterfeited or false check. Basically, there are four types of check fraud, namely forgery, paper hanging, check kiting and counterfeiting and alteration. Although it may be tempting, but this mistake will turn into something that you will deeply regret later on. Forging another person’s name knowingly on a check devoid of his/her permission can make you guilty of a federal check fraud. When it comes to the penalties it can be really harsh, such as imprisonment for years and substantial fines as well. If you are convicted you will require an aggressive and strong defense. It is here where we at Logue Law can help. We have some of the best Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyers who will leave no stone unturned to help you emerge victoriously.

What is a federal check fraud?

Intentionally passing a counterfeit check is illegal or intentionally using a check in any way for obtaining services or property which you do not intend to pay for is again, illegal. This comprises forging a check, altering the amount or sign using another person’s name devoid of their permission. A prosecutor in the case of federal check fraud will require in proving that you possess the intention of using a counterfeit or forged check to defraud. When you deposit a counterfeit or forged check to the bank that action will be utilized as proof in court that you had in mind for misrepresenting the same and defrauding the bank. In fact, one type of fraud can link up to other criminal issues like check kiting, which includes an account check in one bank while at the same time knowing that you do not have money for covering it and then deposit the check in another bank in a different account. Once charged with a federal check fraud naturally you will face a good number of years in prison along with having to pay a substantial fine and forfeiture of property.

Federal vs. State

The federal court system in the true sense is quite complex and when it comes to its procedures it varies from that of the Pittsburgh court system. The former uses unique and complicated sentencing guidelines for deciding the amount of punishment that the convict should be given. Again, the federal prosecutors have the flexibility of drawing on huge resources that include in-depth investigations carried out by the federal agents. The prosecutors in the Pittsburgh area do not possess such resources. Once convicted of a federal crime naturally you will face higher consequences. But, with our Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer by your side, you can keep all your worries at bay.

Ways in which a lawyer can help

Once charged with a federal check fraud automatically you will have to face the consequences of a determined prosecutor and inflexible laws. Our Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer can help you in determining all your choices and attain the finest result for your circumstances.

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