Civil Fraud

Civil fraud cases again are serious and complex and are likely to have substantial effects both on your personal and business assets. Different forms of fraud, although is prosecuted both in the state and federal criminal court systems, frauds, in fact, can be handled like a civil issue as well. If you, your loved one or an acquaintance has been sued on account of civil fraud, naturally you will require an experienced Federal Criminal Lawyer that can help in representing you aggressively and who better can do the needful than we at Logue Law Group. In fact, it is with us your search for the best Pittsburgh Civil Fraud Lawyer will come to an end.

What is a civil fraud?

In the broad sense, civil fraud covers different situations in which fraud is involved. In a civil court system, their goal is in restoring the convicted person to the situation he/she was before the commencement of the fraud and punish the convict that perpetrated the fraud. The federal civil court will take care of the disputes amid 2 opposing parties. For starting the lawsuit a complaint will be filed in the court by the plaintiff following which a defendant will be provided with the complaint. In fact, the plaintiff will ask a fee for compensating them for the losses incurred because of the alleged fraud. It will lead to a trial if the case fails to get settled earlier. Either side in most of the cases can ask for the jury trial. Should both the parties go to the jury to waive their rights the case will be heard via the federal judge devoid of the presence of a jury. A civil fraud attorney in the Pittsburgh area can explain these procedures in more detail. The attorney who represents the plaintiff in order to prove that the fraud has taken place will give their best to prove:

  • The misrepresented facts of the defendant
  • The defendant was aware that the facts have been untrue, yet they intentionally misrepresented the same
  • The plaintiff indeed was justified in believing the scenario that was presented via the defendant
  • Lastly, the plaintiff suffered an injury or an actual loss, resting on the scheme set forth via the defendant
What are the penalties?

Once you are convicted of a civil fraud automatically you will be imprisoned for years and pay a hefty penalty charge as well. The moment the fraud is discovered or suspected the initial steps would be critical. Within a brief time period, our Pittsburgh civil fraud attorney will listen to you patiently and advise you on every aspect irrespective of the reach and scale of the issue thereby offering tactical and swift strategic advice. In fact, our leading Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer possesses a vast expertise in making internal investigations. For fraud victims, we possess the experience to find, preserve and recover the stolen assets and money and constantly advised to seek and obtain freezing injunctions for preserving such assets. Our team of specialist lawyers will act both for the fraud victim and defendants in the civil fraud proceedings.

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