Computer Fraud

Computer fraud is an act to use computers, internet services, internet devices and the internet for defrauding people, government agencies or companies of internet access, revenue or money. Some of the most common illegal computer activities comprise of social engineering, phishing, DDoS attacks and viruses used for disrupting services or gaining access to another person’s funds. If your personal information has been stolen from your computer the top Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer at Logue Law can help. They will strive in bringing a halt to the damage done, help in identifying the culprit and thereby save you against further victimization.

What is a federal computer fraud?

It is true that the federal government indeed makes it illegal in using the internet or the PC for creating misrepresentations that will make another individual in losing his property or money. A list of the commonly used computer fraud schemes includes:

  • To change the entries of the computer in an unauthorized way for moving funds into the account which will benefit the individual doing the input largely
  • To delete or change the information in the database exclusively for your personal benefit
  • To rewrite the computer code of a bank for gaining access to the identification of the account holder
  • To hack the computer for stealing money, especially from the bank or at times some other businesses
  • To hack the computer for stealing identification information like credit card numbers or passwords
  • Phishing schemes which trick unsuspected individuals to enter on fake websites the credit card number
Abuse Act and Computer Fraud

In 1986 the Congress passed the CFAA (Computer Fraud and Abuse Act) which is a basic law utilized by the federal prosecutors for prosecuting computer crimes that include computer fraud. In fact, this law had been enacted for curtailing computer crime while the legislators tried in keeping up with the growing criminal activities via amending it a couple of times. The CFAA will consider it a federal crime to trespass intentionally and destructively in the below-mentioned computer systems if not an authorized user:

  • Computers utilized for foreign and/or interstate commerce
  • Bank computers
  • Federal computers
What will be the penalty?

It can lead to 5 years of imprisonment and/or paying a hefty penalty.

Ways in which a lawyer can help

The moment you are convicted of a computer fraud you will automatically face inflexible laws together with a determined prosecutor. Here, our Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer can help you a great deal in determining your choices and attaining the finest result for your case. Such fraud is prosecuted zealously both inside as well as outside of Pittsburgh making it vital for people who have been convicted of this offense to take the assistance of an expert Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer who will be attempting in having the charges dismissed or reduced. So, give us a call at Logue Law, 1-844-PITT-DUI or 412-389-0805. Be rest assured they will help you in every way possible to make you feel relaxed and calm while they fight for your future.