Credit Card Fraud

Many of you may believe that credit card fraud occurs only when your purse or wallet is stolen. But, did you know that 50% of credit card fraud takes place online using spyware? Spyware villains steal huge amounts from corporations and unsuspecting computer users all the time. The unauthorized use of a credit card that belongs to another person is illegal comes with large consequences. If you use another person’s credit card for purchasing goods and/or making unauthorized bank withdrawals devoid of their permission, you will be prosecuted either in Pittsburgh or the federal court. Here the penalties will be harsh including substantial fines and a good number of years in prison. You will need an aggressive and strong defense. We at Logue Law are prepared to fight for you. We have the best Pittsburgh federal criminal lawyers who will guide you through every step of the way. In short, joining hands with our Pittsburgh criminal lawyers makes sense.

What is a Federal Credit Card Fraud?

The federal law considers it illegal to dishonestly use another individual’s credit card in an attempt at obtaining services, money, and possessions. Take a look at some of the most common schemes related to credit card fraud. These include:

  • To steal the credit card of another person
  • Request for a replacement, additional or new credit card in the name of another person without their permission
  • Gain access to another individual’s credit card number as well as using the same without their permission for purchasing over the phone or online
  • Phishing schemes which trick an unsuspecting person to enter his credit card number, especially on a fake website
Federal vs. State

The system concerning the federal court is complex with its procedures being different from that of the Pittsburgh court system. The federal court uses sentencing guidelines that are complicated and unique to decide the punishment of the convict. The federal prosecutors may draw huge resources which also include detailed investigations performed by the federal agents. Pittsburgh area prosecutors lack in these resources.

What is the Penalty?

Once charged with a federal crime you will face severe consequences. It may vary from imprisonment for 10 years and a fine of up to $250,000. The actual sentence is based on the case type as well as the federal sentencing guidelines.

Ways in Which a Lawyer can Help

Once charged with credit card fraud you will face a determined Pittsburgh prosecutor and inflexible laws. Here, our Pittsburgh federal criminal lawyer can work wonders in determining all your choices and achieving the best results for your case. Our Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer will be by your side for fighting the charges made against you. They are strong and experienced, know how such fraud cases are prosecuted and the right approach to use with your defense. Contact us and see how our Pittsburgh criminal lawyers can set you free.

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