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Third Degree Felony

Third-Degree Felony

If you are aware of the US laws, then you must know that a felony is one of the most serious crimes that a person can commit. Offenses and crimes have various subdivisions across the US. If you have been charged with a third-degree felony, call a Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Attorney immediately.

They are divided into two categories: felonies and misdemeanors. Felonies are the more serious crimes. Felonies are further classified into three different degrees, where the first degree is a more serious crime than the third one.

If you or any of your loved ones have been charged with a third-degree felony, you can expect to serve up to 7 years of in prison. Not only will you lose your freedom during that time period, but there will also be a lot of mental pressure placed on you, such as worrying about who will be taking care of your children and family.

Therefore, the first thing you should do is hire a reputable Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer, who will not only explain everything to you in detail but will also guide you as you navigate the criminal justice system and will try his best to get your sentence reduced.

The lives of felons become really difficult, even after they have served their prison sentences. Most employers do not want to hire a felon and so, it is really difficult for a person who has been convicted of a felony to get a job. Felons are prohibited from owning weapons, and the US military does not allow them to serve.

What is a Felony of the Third Degree?

The penalties associated with a third-degree felony include:

  • Imprisonment for up to seven years
  • Fines of up to $15,000

These penalties can be reduced if you contact a reliable Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer as soon as possible and hire him to represent you. Only he can help you out of these situations and provide the best solution for you. If you have a problem finding a good lawyer, you can contact Logue Law Group to get in touch with some of the best attorneys in town.

What Crimes are Third-degree Felonies?

Crimes that are considered to be third-degree felonies include:

  • Promoting prostitution of a minor
  • Possessing child pornography
  • Bribery

Grading a Sentence

There are several factors which are considered before deciding on a sentence for a third-degree felony.

The same is true of a first-degree felony. There are several factors which are considered before deciding on a sentence.

Every offense is allotted an Offense Gravity Score (OGS) Under Pennsylvania Sentencing Guidelines. The OGS is a number that becomes higher depending on the severity of a crime.

The judge who will be overseeing your case will take many things into consideration before deciding your sentence. A calculation based on the OGS and your past criminal records are some of them. If you have low OGS and minimum convictions, then you can expect a shorter guideline sentence. In Pennsylvania, trial judges are allowed to deviate from guidelines if there are aggravating or mitigating factors.

Minimum Mandatory Sentences

There are some crimes that carry mandatory minimum sentences when they are carried out in Pennsylvania. This means that the judge is required to sentence you to a certain number of years in prison if you are convicted of one of those crimes. Aggravating or mitigating factors are not allowed to be considered in these cases.

Pennsylvania Offense Classes and Gravity Scores

You can find definitions and descriptions of offense classes and gravity scores in The Pennsylvania Criminal Code under Title 204, Chapter 303.

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    How can a Lawyer Help?

    Don’t delay the hiring of a criminal attorney if you or your loved ones are charged with one of these crimes. An attorney can explain everything to you in detail, guide you, prepare an effective defense, and look for factors that can reduce your sentence to some extent. Contact Logue Law Group to get in touch with an expert Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Lawyer. Call us today at (412) 612-2210. Or, you can contact us online.

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