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Internet Fraud

Internet Fraud

Right from financial fraud, website hacking to computer viruses, internet fraud has turned into a huge concern today than ever. Internet fraud is a crime where the perpetrator creates a scheme utilizing single or more components of the internet for depriving an individual of any interest, property, estate, right via a false representation of the fact either by offering misleading information and/or via concealment of information. With rising numbers of consumers and businesses depending on the internet for conducting transactions online and on other types of electronic communication for conducting transactions, the illegal activities using the same is on the rise. The fraudulent schemes that are conducted online are difficult to trace and also prosecute thereby costing individuals and businesses countless dollars every year. If you use the World Wide Web to gain access to another person’s money fraudulently, you will right away be prosecuted via the federal government and for myriads of internet fraud crimes. Retaining a Pittsburgh internet fraud lawyer will be an important step to take in protecting your rights.

What is a federal internet fraud?

Accessing the internet for defrauding and taking something of value is considered illegal by the federal government. It is vital on the part of the prosecutor in proving that a person has accessed a protected PC intentionally without authorization or has gone beyond their authorization. A list of some of the most common internet fraud schemes is as follows,

  • Hack a computer for stealing money either from a bank or any other business
  • Hack a computer for stealing identification information like credit card numbers and passwords
  • Phishing schemes which trick unsuspected individuals to enter his/her credit card number, especially on a fake site

A brief on Abuse Act and Computer Fraud

The federal laws that govern the computer fraud are found in different areas. The CFAA (Computer Fraud and Abuse Act) passed in 1986 by the Congress has been amended a couple of times so far and is amid the basic laws utilized by the federal prosecutors for prosecuting computer crimes which also includes computer fraud. In fact, this law had been enacted for curtailing computer crime with legislators having tried in keeping up with the evolving criminal activities. An internet fraud attorney in Pittsburgh can explain its nuances. The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act consider it to be a federal crime to trespass in the below-mentioned computer systems intentionally and destructively particularly when you are by no means the authorized user,

  • Computers utilized for foreign and interstate commerce
  • Bank computers
  • Federal computers

The nature of punishment for violating the CFAA will be based on whether you entered the system illegally for committing fraud or causing harm or destruction.

What is the penalty?

Once charged with an internet fraud the consequences can be challenging. It can either be imprisonment for 5 years or pay a hefty fine resting on the type and severity of the case.

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    Ways in which a Pittsburgh internet fraud attorney can help

    The moment you are convicted of this fraud you will automatically have to face a determined Pittsburgh prosecutor and inflexible laws. Your very first step should be to call your attorney at Logue Law Group. Our Pittsburgh criminal lawyers will work wonders in determining your choices and attaining the finest result for your circumstance. Every year, thousands of people get victimized via internet fraud. Scam companies and artists can use the World Wide Web in taking benefit of consumers, conduct fraudulent transactions, make solicitations and misleading claims and breach the internet privacy of the consumer. At Logue Law Group our handpicked criminal lawyer represents clients uses the best methods to prevent internet fraud thereby protecting them from turning victims against this unlawful practice.

    To get in touch and schedule a free initial consultation to discuss any fraud charges with an experienced internet fraud lawyer in the Pittsburgh area, contact us online or call (412) 612-2210.

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