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Vehicular Homicide

Vehicular Homicide

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Vehicular homicide is one of the most severe traffic offenses in Pennsylvania. Hundreds of people in the state lose their lives every year in fatal car crashes that occur when drivers are operating their vehicles recklessly. Killing a person with your car, truck, or SUV is traumatic, no matter how unintentionally it was done. You are left feeling scared, regretting the accident. You will most likely dread the coming consequences. If convicted of these charges, you face expensive fines and a prison term.

If you are taken into police custody on vehicular homicide charges, you need to immediately hire a Pittsburgh vehicular homicide lawyer with experience in this area, one who will remain at your side as you travel the criminal justice system and defend you in a compelling and strong manner.

What Is Vehicular Homicide?

If you drive recklessly and cause an accident that kills someone, you have committed vehicular homicide. Alternately, if you are driving with gross negligence and cause an accident that kills someone while violating another law (for example drag racing or speeding,) you have committed vehicular homicide.

Vehicular homicide does not involve traffic deaths caused by drunk or impaired driving (DUI.) Those deaths fall under a different set of laws. The punishment for vehicular homicide is harsh. It is considered a third-degree felony, and you can be imprisoned for up to seven years, and be required to pay fines of up to $15,000.

If the death happened in an active work zone, you would face up to five more years of prison time, for a total of twelve years. You should promptly consult a vehicular homicide lawyer in the Pittsburgh area who can help you fight these penalties.

The severity of punishment depends on a host of factors, which include:

Intention – If there was no malicious intent in the killing, the penalties are greatly reduced in cases of Vehicular Homicide.

Alcohol – Drinking and driving alone doesn’t necessarily establish guilt, and hence a DUI offense is defensible in the court.

Negligence – If the death of the victim cannot be linked to negligence on the part of the accused, there may be no penalty.

History – The courts also take into account prior criminal history of the person, and these include convictions, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, etc.

What do I do if I am Arrested?

  • Don’t try to convince the police not to arrest you.
  • If the cops question you over and over, tell them you want an attorney and refuse—politely—to answer their questions.

Because cases related to Vehicular Homicide are complex, you should obtain the services of Sean Logue and his associates, who are seasoned Pittsburgh Vehicular Homicide Attorneys.

Don’t wait to call! The longer you wait, the harder it will be for our attorneys to get you the best outcome possible.

How Can Logue Law Group Help You?

Cases related to Vehicular Homicide are entangled in intent and your past record. As a leading Pittsburgh traffic law firm, the attorneys at Logue Law Group have experience in handling dozens of cases of Vehicular Homicide and will offer you the best defense in the court. They will strongly defend all charges that are brought against you by the prosecution. They will research every aspect of the case and present all the evidence to the court.

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    You should fight these charges to protect your rights. The attorneys at Logue Law Group will help you achieve the most favorable outcome from the case.

    If you are arrested for vehicular homicide and looking for a Vehicular Homicide Attorney in the Pittsburgh area, you should immediately call Logue Law Group at (412) 612-2210. You can also contact us online. We are available 24/7, and initial consultations are always free.

    Want to learn more about Pennsylvania’s Traffic Violation Laws?

    Descriptions and definitions of traffic violations are found in the Pennsylvania Traffic Code under Title 75.

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