Customs Fraud

Customs scams are a result of pressing financial problem. Once indicted for such a scam you will have to face the consequences of jail time, losing the importation privileges and facing heavy penalties. If you are accused of such scams get in touch with us at Logue Law and we will arrange a meeting with the best Pittsburgh criminal lawyer who will help you.

What is Customs Fraud Law?

Importing goods in Pittsburgh using fraudulent, forged or phony documents, avoiding tariffs and bringing in contraband are all illegal. For prosecuting customs fraud different federal laws are used such as laws protecting the Pittsburgh commerce, drug laws and also regulations for keeping the environment clean, and the products and food safe. Importers charged under the obstruction of justice statute will face harsher penalties.

The government is seeking ways for reducing customs fraud. In fact, the quantity of goods that are imported to Pittsburgh has steadily increased in the last few years with custom frauds being hard to detect. The customs authorities check the fraudulent paperwork and at the same time also depend on the information empowered by the False Claims Act. The custom scams that are frequently used include:

  • Designating incorrect classifications intentionally for cargo for lessening or avoiding tariffs
  • Supplying intentionally the incorrect country of origin to avoid quotas
  • Undervaluing intentionally goods for avoiding antidumping duties

Investigations related to customs fraud generally begin with the customs officials demanding extra documents for backing up the claims of an importer that the cargo is actually what they assert it is. When the officials do not get convincing supporting paperwork immediately they will be capable of filing a pre-penalty demand, which will allege that the importer has committed fraud. They may need full forfeiture or administrative summons which will stop the importer to bring the cargo till the needs are met. The customs authorities also have the power of re-classifying the goods of the importer and giving them a tariff rate which will complement the new classification. Any importer will possess the right of challenging the tariff, yet in order to support their challenge they will be required to produce proper documentation.

What will be the Penalty?

Importers being charged with committing customs fraud will have to face federal penalties depending on the severity of the fraud and illegal cargo. The different penalties include loss and forfeiture of the importation privileges, fines, and imprisonment.

Ways in Which a Lawyer can Help

Once charged with a customs fraud you will have to face inflexible laws and also a determined Pittsburgh prosecutor. It is here where an experienced Pittsburgh criminal lawyer can help and who can be a better choice than us. They will help in determining all your choices and attaining the finest outcome for your case. Having good experience in this domain our lawyers very well understand the complexities associated with the Pittsburgh customs system. They are adept in this field and are confident in their ability to offer you with the finest possible result in court. So, if you or your loved ones have been convicted of such fraud never make the error of leaving the outcomes up to chance. Speak to our Pittsburgh criminal lawyers and allow them to assist you as much as possible and keep your worries at bay.

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