Driving Record

Having a clean driving record is totally worth it in Pennsylvania. Your insurance premium costs are lower if you hold a clean driving record. Plus, you have less risk of losing your license. Insurance companies have access to your driving record and they scrutinize it when it comes to charging for premiums. Your rate of insurance depends on that.

Points are added by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) to the records of the alleged drivers. These points can mean higher monthly premiums for your insurance and you can even lose your license. So, if you get a traffic ticket you should not delay in contacting a reputed Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer. Violation of traffic rules is a major crime here and you should always seek professional assistance without any delay.

Six/More Points

If there are six points or above, then it can have serious impacts on your life. Your insurance rates will go up. After your initial six points, you have to sit for an exam and pass it. Then, two points would be taken off your record. If you don’t pass within 30 days, then your license would be suspended until you do.

The next time, you will have to appear for a PennDOT hearing and if you don’t, then your license will automatically get suspended for 60 days. If you appear, you might get out free with neither a punishment nor any point reduction from your record. Or else, your license might get suspended for 15 days and two points would be taken off from your records after the suspension period. You might be asked to undergo an on-road exam as well. Here also, two points would be deducted if you pass and if you fail; your license would be suspended till you do so.

However, your first step would be consulting a reputed Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer. Only a reputed attorney who has experience in fighting these kinds of cases can help you out with the entire procedure. Logue law has a team of dedicated professionals with sufficient experience in fighting these kinds of cases.

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You will have to appear for another hearing if this happens for the third time. The officer would very likely suspend your license for 30 days and no points would be reduced from your driving records. If you do not appear for the hearing, then your license will get suspended till you do. If you are 18 or below 18 and your license has six points or more then it can get suspended for 90 days.

Seeking Help from a Lawyer

You should never delay in contacting a Pittsburgh Traffic Ticket Lawyer whenever you are accused of traffic violations. Only an attorney would have an acute knowledge of the procedure and would be able to help you out throughout the entire process. At Logue Law we will put in every effort to fight the charges brought against you achieve the best possible outcome.

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