Drug Charges Pre-File Investigation

Are law enforcement agencies after you? Do you sense that the police are trying to investigate your background and profession concerning a drug-related crime? If this is true, you could be a target of what is termed as a pre-file investigation, where law enforcement agencies conduct preliminary investigations before officially filing a charge against you. You may have been tipped off by a neighbor or would have sensed it after the arrest of a person known to you. While these may be routine investigations against you or one of your loved ones, they can violate your rights and privacy and tarnish your reputation in the community. Drug charges are serious, and if convicted you would need to serve a prison sentence, pay steep fines, or both. In such an event, you need to seek help from an attorney who is well-versed in the law relating to Drug Charges Pre-File Investigations.

What You Need to Know

Pre-file investigations are pretty common in drug charges; and often, overzealous police officers tend to violate the rights of ordinary citizens in the name of fighting the drug menace. Here are a few things that you should know about pre-file investigations:

  • Police officers may suspect you based on somebody’s interrogation, sketches, or Closed Caption Television recording where a drug crime was committed.
  • If you suspect a pre-file investigation is being carried out against you, bring it to the attention of your attorney immediately.
  • If charges are filed against you and you are being arrested, you shouldn’t talk to the police or give out any statements, as these can be used against you in court.
  • Not hiring an attorney during the pre-file stage can prove to be disastrous, as it allows the prosecution to gather evidence they might not get if you were aware of your rights.
How Can Sean Logue Law Help You?

Pre-file investigations are often used as intimidation tactics by law enforcement agencies. The criminal defense attorneys at Sean Logue Law have handled many cases where their clients have been at the receiving end of pre-file investigations. They have defended their clients successfully. These experienced criminal defense attorneys will prove in the court of law that the prosecution violated your constitutional rights, and will have the charges brought against you dismissed. They do their best to keep their clients out of the court premises during most of the proceedings, helping them preserve their stature in the community.

Pre-file investigations offer you a great window of opportunity to adopt the right countermeasures to save yourself or your loved one from being convicted of a drug crime. Even if you have an iota of concern that you are being investigated, you should immediately contact Sean Logue Law. One of our experienced criminal defense attorneys will guide you through the best course of legal action in case the investigating agencies charge you or your loved one in a drug crime.

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