Drug Charges

Drug menace is on the rise and the law enforcement agencies make thousands of arrests in the state of Pennsylvania each year. Drug offense charges relate to possession, manufacturing, sale and trafficking of drugs. If you or one of your family members has been arrested on these charges apart from loss of face in the community you may have to pay hefty fines and also face jail sentences. Your future is now dependent on your attorney and his/her skills. Hence you need a top-rated attorney who specializes in this field of law and can defend your rights and earn you your freedom.

What You Need To Know

When charged with drug offense most people fall victim to the situation without realizing the fact that the constitution safeguards their rights. Any act of overzealous approach by the law enforcement agencies makes grounds stronger for the charges to be dismissed even before the trial actually begins. If you or your loved one has been charged keep in mind that -

  • Illegal Search and Seizures Can Be Challenged – If your car was pulled over or your house was searched without a warrant the ground is strong enough to mount a counterattack on the officers. Under the law police cannot search your house or pull over your car without pronounceable suspicion of an illegal activity. They cannot make arrests without valid grounds and such acts can easily be challenged.
  • You Have The Right To Remain Silent – You aren’t bound to talk to the police officers or make a statement when your house is being searched or you’ve been pulled over and you are found to be in possession of banned drugs.
  • Request For An attorney – You have the right to request for an attorney to represent you and when you make this request the police have to immediately stop questioning you.
  • Fair Trial Is Your Right – Under no circumstances can you be denied a fair trial. If the jury is likely to be biased against you and your attorney can prove it the case can be shifted to another jurisdiction.
How Can I Help You?

Drug charges require the strongest defense and this is what I offer my clients. I am attorney Sean Logue and have the distinction of being a 10.0 Avvo rated and Pennsylvania Super Attorney. Along with other attorneys and staff at my firm I specialized in drug charges and have successfully defended hundreds of clients over the years. As a seasoned practitioner I would discredit evidences gathered against you and expose all the loopholes and high handedness by the officers to prove how your constitutional rights were violated.

You cannot take Drug Charges lying down as the implications are huge. It can have a lasting effect on your future employment opportunities. I along with my team at Sean Logue & Associates will prepare the strongest defense in your case and make sure you achieve a favorable outcome from the court.

If you want to sit for a free consultation and know the legal options surrounding the charges brought against you or your loved one dial 1-844-PITT-DUI or 412-389-0805. You can also contact me online.