Drug Conviction Appeals

Thousands of people in Pennsylvania are convicted in cases related to drug crimes. The state has some of strictest laws in the country for drug related offenses and it isn’t surprising that the conviction rate is also higher compared to other states. But if you or one of your loved ones has been convicted in a case related to possession, distribution or manufacturing of drugs your defense isn’t over yet. You shouldn’t take the conviction lying down as it can ruin your career and hurt your name in the community. The law offers enough room for post-conviction action in the form of drug crime appeals. You should immediately get in touch with a Pennsylvania criminal attorney who specializes on post-conviction litigation to continue your fight.

What You Need To Know

Drug Conviction Appeal is basically an appeal to the higher court to turn down the sentence of the lower court -

  • Appeals are made when there has been a revocable error in the application of law by the lower court or a Constitutional right has been violated

  • You can appeal at the higher court against the quantum of sentencing or the conviction itself

  • Newly discovered evidences can be admitted during the appeals process and allows another look at events, facts and testimony that may have been ignored in the first trial

  • Appeals can also be made when there has been improper obstruction by officials against the petitioner’s right of appeal

  • There are different litigation options in front of you which you can opt for in consultation with your attorney. These include:

    • Direct Appeal
    • Federal Appeal
    • Habeas Corpus Appeal
    • Post-Conviction Relief Act
    • Rule 35 & 2255 Motions
    • Sentencing Challenges
How Can I Help You?

Your case isn’t done and I shall fight for your relief. I am attorney Sean Logue and specialize in handling post-conviction appeals in cases related to drug charges and other areas of criminal law. As a Pennsylvania Super Attorney with a 10.0 Avvo Rating I would argue your case with all perseverance before the appeals court. Post-conviction appeals require a well-curated approach to prove that your Constitutional rights have been violated and how your conviction was undeserving on grounds of newly discovered evidence, flawed jury proceedings and ineffective assistance of counsel. My team and I will carry out a detailed investigation and will review all the evidence against you to prepare the strongest possible representation. I will educate you on your legal options based on the turn of events during the appeal proceedings to ensure the charges against you are either dismissed or you are served a lighter sentence based on the nature of your conviction.

Drug Conviction Appeal is your right and you shouldn’t bow down to the conviction. You must have the courage to fight the charges against you and stand tall to avert the crisis. I will ensure that your rights are protected and will relentlessly defend you throughout the legal battle.

To learn more about post-conviction appeals come to my office for a free consultation and we shall discuss all your options. You can call me at 1-844-PITT-DUI or 412-389-0805 or contact me online.