Drunk and Disorderly

Under the laws of the State of Pennsylvania, public drunkenness is an offense that occurs when a person poses a danger to himself or herself or those around him or her because they drank too much. A person who is exceedingly drunk and threatens others at a bar or one who blocks a road or a thoroughfare or even disrupts a lawful meeting or gathering can be booked for this crime. If convicted, the accused would need to serve a jail sentence and/or pay steep fines. Also, a conviction can hurt a person’s stature in the community and create a criminal record. If you or someone close to you has been charged with drunk and disorderly conduct, you should immediately contact an attorney who specializes in this law.

What You Need to Know

What most people don’t realize is that the law for drunk and disorderly behavior is pretty strict in the State of Pennsylvania. If convicted, a person may end up spending months behind bars. Here are some of the things that you need to know about Drunk and Disorderly conduct offenses:

  • A person can be charged with public drunkenness in a public place even if he or she poses no danger to others.

  • If the incident doesn’t involve injury or loss of property a person can be charged with a summary offense which can result in ninety days of imprisonment and/or fines ranging between $25 and $1500.

  • If the accused has been charged with a similar offense in the past and has caused injury to others in a drunken state, he or she can be charged with a misdemeanor of the third degree which carries a prison sentence of up to one year and fines of up to $2500.

  • This charge can often be paired with other offenses, and the prosecution would demand the strictest possible sentence.

How Can a Lawyer Help You?

We at Sean Logue Law have, for more than a decade, represented hundreds of people charged with drunk and disorderly conduct. As your attorney, my associates and I won't allow these charges to ruin your future and create a permanent criminal record. We will carefully examine all the evidence against you and create a strong, compelling defense to have these charges dismissed. We will call all witnesses for cross-examination and discredit their testimony in the court. We will do everything to protect your rights and honor.

You cannot afford to take a Drunk and Disorderly conduct charge lightly as a conviction can result in a permanent criminal record. We at Sean Logue Law will do whatever it takes to prove that you were innocent of the charges against you, and that you have been charged by overzealous police officers.

Don’t delay! Waiting to hire an attorney can result in a poorer outcome for your case than you deserve.

If you want to discuss your case regarding Drunk and Disorderly conduct, come to the office of Sean Logue Law for a free consultation. You can call us at 1-844-PITT-DUI or 412-389-0805, or contact us online.