Fake Identification

Pittsburgh Fake Identification Attorney

In an attempt to drink or obtain alcohol, many youngsters in Pennsylvania often end up faking their identification. While one may dupe bouncers, bartenders, or servers once, the chances of eventually being caught are high. Because the law imposes heavy fines on bars and restaurants serving underage drinkers, they always stay on alert and bring such incidents to the attention of the authorities. A fake driver’s license—irrespective of how genuine it looks—will eventually fail.

Pennsylvania laws on fake identification are strict; if you are a minor and caught using a fake identification, you will immediately be charged with a summary offense. In such situations, it is important to immediately seek help from a seasoned Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Attorney.

Things You Must Know About Fake Identification Charges

As per the law in Pennsylvania, it is against the law to:

  • Be found to be carrying a fake identification
  • Make use of a fake identification to buy alcohol, or attempt to buy it
  • Tell someone you are over 21 when you are not, so that they will buy alcohol for you

Any identification that has misleading information regarding a person’s name, age, or date of birth is considered to be fake, regardless of whether the photograph on the identification is yours or not.

Using or carrying the identification of another person who is over the age of 21 is also a crime.

If a person is found in possession of a fake ID, they will be required to pay a fine. You can expect the police officers who arrest you to call your parents.

How Can A Lawyer Help?

At the office of Sean Logue Law, he and his associates are experienced Pittsburgh criminal defense attorneys. They have experience defending the rights of clients involved in different types of juvenile cases that include everything from drug offenses to underage drinking. They will stay beside you through the entire process, and will dedicate themselves to discrediting evidence against your juvenile. They will help you decide how best to proceed.

If your child’s case is scheduled to be tried in an adult court, they will do their best to have his or her case moved to juvenile court.

Being charged with Fake Identification can have serious effects on the mind of the youngster and can affect their future. The experienced Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Attorneys at Sean Logue Law will offer you the best possible representation, with the aim for a favorable outcome. We are a group of dedicated and hard-working attorneys with an excellent track record.

Do not take these charges lightly, and do not wait to hire an attorney. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to fight your charges, or those of your child. For the best results, call Sean Logue Law today at 1-844-PITT-DUI, (412) 389-0805, or contact us online.

Want to learn more about minors law in Pennsylvania?

Definitions and descriptions of laws for minors can be found in the Pennsylvania Code under Title 18, Chapter 63.