Fake Identification

Pittsburgh Fake Identification Attorney

In an attempt to drink or obtain alcohol, many youngsters in Pennsylvania often end up faking their identification. While one may dupe bouncers, bartenders or servers once, the chances of eventually being caught are high. Because the law imposes heavy fines on bars and restaurants serving underage drinkers, they always stay on alert and bring such incidents to the attention of the authorities. A fake driver’s license—irrespective of how genuine it looks—will eventually fail.

Pennsylvania laws on fake identification are strict and the youngster is immediately changed with summary offense. In such situations, it is important to seek help from a seasoned Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Attorney.

Things You Must Know About Fake Identification Charges

As per the law in Pennsylvania, it is deemed illegal:

  • If a person is found to be carrying a fake ID
  • Make use of a fake ID to buy alcohol or attempt to buy
  • Fake one’s age in an attempt to buy alcohol

Any ID that has misleading information regarding a person’s name, age, or date of birth is considered as fake. The state does not necessarily consider the photograph in the ID, if the other information is false. Possession of someone else’s genuine ID while attempting to buy alcohol is an example of this offense.

If a youngster is found in possession of a fake ID, they would need to pay fine and the officers would also notify their parents.

How Can I Help You?

I, Attorney Sean Logue, am a 10.0 Avvo rated Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Attorney specializing in juvenile crimes. I bring in years of experience in defending clients charged with this offense. My goal is to protect the rights of your child and suggest you the best course of legal action. I would discredit all the evidences gathered against your child and would ensure that the case is not tried in an adult court.

Being charged with Fake Identification can have serious effects in the mind of the youngster and can affect their future. Being a Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Attorney I would offer you the best possible representation with the aim for a favorable outcome.

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