Firearms Law

If you make the decision to own, possess, purchase, or transfer firearms, it’s extremely important that everything is done in proper order and “by the book.” A single form completed or filed incorrectly can result in serious legal consequences in the case of firearms. If you are thinking about buying a firearm, getting your concealed carry permit, fighting a denial of either of those things, or simply need assistance in comprehending firearm laws, Logue Law Group is your best option for getting help.

At Logue Law Group, we are familiar with firearms law. We are able to help you purchase firearms, obtain proper licensing, and handle other things related to firearms, such as transferring ownership. Sean Logue and his associates make providing you with proactive and complete legal advice and assistance a priority. They can work with you to get firearms purchase or concealed carry licensure paperwork completed properly.

Making a mistake in just one part of the paperwork to purchase a firearm can result in you being denied the right to purchase it. Worse, it can result in felony legal charges. The forms are not easy to complete, and the wording on them can be tricky. If you do not understand the questions, or do not make a connection between a sentence you have received for a crime you committed and a question on the form, you will answer incorrectly and find yourself in jail or worse. You need to talk to someone ahead of time who can explain to you how to answer each question on the form.

Don’t think the forms are a mere formality. When you apply to purchase a firearm, your criminal record is checked for violations that preclude you from owning or purchasing one. If you provide false answers on the form, even accidentally, you could be arrested.

If you have previous convictions of any kind on your criminal history, or have a history of mental illness, see Sean Logue and his associates before you apply to purchase a firearm or try to get a concealed carry permit. Sean and his team will be able to tell you if your previous conviction prevents you from possessing one, and will explain to you how to complete the application.

Don’t try to go it alone in this. Your freedom from further legal trouble is too important to leave to chance. Allow Sean Logue and his experienced team to assist you as you navigate the complex and confusing world of Pennsylvania and Federal gun law. They will do their best to get you the outcome you desire.

Are you or someone you know interested in purchasing a firearm? If so, you need the expertise of a dedicated and aggressive criminal defense attorney with experience in firearms law to help you. The Logue Criminal Defense team has assisted hundreds of people gain concealed carry permits and complete firearms purchase paperwork. Logue Law Group serves the Pittsburgh, PA, area, as well as West Virginia and Ohio. Call today for a free consultation: 1-844-PITT-DUI or (412) 389-0805. Or, you may contact us online.

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“Mr. Logue came to me for my consultation, which was nice! He helped me better understand my situation so I could weigh my options. He kept me updated on any new information about my case, and I could always easily contact him if I had any questions. I knew I was in good hands, and I got the best possible outcome for my case!” Anonymous
“Sean Logue accomplished an incredible thing for me by handling my legal matters. If you need help, this is the man to represent you...he's very keen, knowledgeable, and efficient in guiding you to freedom. The trust and loyalty he gives you is very down to earth, so if you need a lawyer this is the best one. You can feel totally confident in Sean's hands. Excellent job, thank you for taking the time for me, you took all my worries away...God bless your future.” Anonymous
“Mr Logue was the one I hired after talking to other attorneys about my case. He was the most knowledgeable and explained everything to me about his plan for me moving forward. He was always available to answer my questions and fought hard for me!! Don't waste your time looking for anyone else to help you. Mr Logue did an amazing job and very professional!” Anonymous
“Atty. Logue represented me well and took care of my legal issues superbly. He is a no-nonsense, very knowledgeable and well respected lawyer. I was pleased with his services. Would definitely recommend Atty. Logue to others.” Anonymous
“Mr. Logue is good for one reason, he cares. A client is not a quick buck. He always answers his phone, day or night and he understands the law better than anyone. He always answers my calls for both corporate and personal legal decisions and I have a ton of questions. His rates are reasonable too. Fair and firm.” Anonymous