Got Pot Problems? Generally, Don’t Do THIS Then

FEBRUARY 6, 2015

Sometimes, the old adage is spot on: Honestly is the best policy – at least for one Greene County man.

Spoiler Alert: This Pittsburgh criminal defense lawyer handles more than his fair share of drug cases – and I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Any experienced Pittsburgh drug lawyer will do a careful scrutiny of all the evidences and try their best to get the victim out of such a situation.

Here’s the deal – the man called police Wednesday to report he had been beaten and robbed. He told officers his alleged attackers stole his car keys, cell phone, wallet and…marijuana.

Yes. The young man in question admitted to police that he had weed stolen from him. Usually when you are found in possession of drugs, you would need the help of a Pittsburgh drug lawyer, but this was Marijuana which is considered to be more of a criminal offense here.

Now for the part that surprised me: While the man’s alleged attacker is behind bars, the dude who called to report that he had weed stolen from him wasn’t charged.

Because let’s face it – there aren’t many instances where a person can admit criminal activity and not get reprimanded for it.

Being a renowned Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney, I’m happy to hear that the young man is safe, and that his alleged attacker was charged. Some could say he is lucky to be alive, considering that two men allegedly dragged him from a vehicle, beat him and then pointed a gun at his head.

I feel comfortable saying that he is absolutely lucky he didn’t find himself in need of a Pittsburgh criminal defense lawyer who understands how to try a drug case.

Because while so many people seem to consider marijuana one of the lesser drugs – a substance quite unlike heroin or crack or Oxycodone, in the eyes of the law, it’s not “just weed.” Therefore, anyone caught with Marijuana or convicted of any charges related to Marijuana must resort to a Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney.