Immigration Fraud

Immigration fraud has turned into a growing concern. If you are facing an immigration fraud conviction, it is likely to create havoc leading to your deportation. To avoid such consequences contact a knowledgeable and experienced Pittsburgh criminal lawyer at Logue Law. Immigration fraud is an umbrella term that encompasses different forms of fraudulent misconduct. At any point in time if you use false information or documents for immigration you will be deported on charges of immigration fraud.

What is an Immigration Fraud?

Benefit fraud and document fraud are the two most common types of immigration fraud. In the Pittsburgh area manufacturing, selling or using counterfeit identity documents is considered illegal. This includes, but is not limited to: phony driver’s license, birth certificates, passports and social security cards. Obtaining an original identity document through fraud is against the law. It is illegal to misrepresent or leave out facts when applying for a citizenship in Pittsburgh. In fact, a fraudulent wedding to a citizen in Pittsburgh with the sole purpose of acquiring a green card or for becoming a citizen is a common form of benefit fraud. Another form is to falsify information on the visa or green card application. The moment you are threatened with deportation or arrested and charged with immigration fraud call a Pittsburgh criminal lawyer. It is here where we can help. Our lawyers know the ins and outs related to immigration law and thus can help you in continuing to work and live in Pittsburgh.

What will be the Penalty?

Anyone found guilty of immigration fraud will be facing a hefty fine, imprisonment for about 7 years and/or they will lose their citizenship.

Ways in Which a Lawyer can Help

If you are being accused of committing immigration fraud then you know the law is strict in this matter. Do not face these charges alone. It is essential for you to hire a Pittsburgh criminal lawyer. Along with helping you in developing and presenting a credible defense, they can also save you from deportation, criminal conviction, and incarceration. Immigration fraud can impact an individual’s visa eligibility or that of residency. If you have made a home for yourself in this country it can turn your world upside down to suddenly be deported. You may have family, friends, and a job here. At Logue Law we will do everything in our power to lessen your charges and try to keep you from being deported.

A fraud charge is extremely serious. You will need a knowledgeable and aggressive attorney on your side. Contact a Pittsburgh criminal lawyer who will handle the situation for you.

Don’t delay. Contact a reputed Pittsburgh criminal lawyer today. At Logue Law someone is always there to take your call. Facing criminal charges is scary and overwhelming. Knowing you have an attorney on your side who is ready to help you can be a huge relief during a stressful time. Call us at 1-844-PITT-DUI or 412-389-0805 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.