Internet Crimes

When it comes to computer and Internet crimes, the sentences are almost always severe. These crimes are almost always felonies, and because the Internet has no geographic borders, it is immensely easy to be charged at the federal level. Any federal charge is going to result in the full resources of the state being used against you. A conviction will be nothing short of devastating for a personal and professional life - particularly for a sex crime.

These are some of the computer crimes that bear federal charges:

  • Unauthorized access of the Computer
  • Computer tampering
  • Illegal downloading
  • Cyber fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Unlawful duplication of software
  • Launching malware and viruses
  • Cyber terrorism
  • Online stalking
  • An Overview of Internet Crimes

Computer Trespassing: if you access someone else’s computer without his/her consent, steal valuable information like credit card numbers or passwords, and funds electronically from banks and other businesses, you will be charged with unauthorized access of computer or hacking. This may not be a result of financial concerns, but may also be motivated from revenge, political agenda or spiteful nature of some individuals.

Computer tampering: If you use unauthorized access, exceed your system authorization for modifying your computer programs or an operating network and tamper with the system or make changes to cause damage, you can be arrested with computer tampering. The severity of the punishment depends on the intention of tampering and the extent of damage caused due to it.

Software Piracy: If you duplicate software or make unauthorized copies of copyrighted software, you can be charged with the illegal duplication of software. Such unlawful situations covering duplication of software includes counterfeiting, unbundling, softloading and internet downloading.

Copyright Infringement: If you are caught downloading copyrighted movies and music from an online forum, emailing copyrighted music and movies to people, or posting copyrighted items to a forum from where people can download it for free, you can be charged with copyright infringement offense. It is illegal to download these without the permission of the copyright holder.

Any kind of internet crime violates both the state and the federal laws. But federal convictions levy much more severe penalties as opposed to the state convictions. If you or someone close to you has been charged with any Internet crime, it is of immense importance to protect your rights as soon as possible by partnering with a skilled legal team.

Because of our Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney’s skill in litigation, we can build the strongest possible case to mitigate consequences as best as possible in the event we are unable to obtain a dismissal. We are prepared to work on nearly any Internet criminal charges involving:

  • Hacking
  • Internet harassment
  • Solicitation of a minor
  • Fraud

The importance of early, decisive and deliberate action cannot be overrated in these types of cases. The layers of nuance require the strongest defense from the earliest stages. We strongly encourage you to reach out as soon as possible.

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