Negotiated Plea

If you are arrested in Pennsylvania, your case will work through Pennsylvania’s legal system. The system is complex and involves multiple steps, beginning with the initial arraignment. The steps are tedious and procedures go all the way through a trial and sentencing. However, it is not mandatory that your case has to be finished through all these steps. It can be settled at any time during the process.

What is a negotiated plea?

After the pre-trial conferences are finished, and your Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer has evaluated the evidence gathered from the investigation, you have two options: either you can go for a trial or you can plead guilty. Pleading guilty depends on the case investigation and if the evidence and other factors are against you, such as you admit committing the crime that you are charged. A negotiated plea is a kind of guilty plea that means you ask for a plea deal and bargain.

If you are successful in negotiating plea, it means you and your lawyer reached an agreement with the prosecutor concerning your charge and/or sentence. In a negotiated plea, you plead guilty to one or more charges, usually the lesser crimes that what you were originally charged with. In this bargain, you ask for a lighter sentence in exchange for your admission to crimes.

Charge Bargaining and Sentence Bargaining

To make the plea bargaining convenient, attorneys and judges segregate plea bargaining into types: sentence bargaining and charge bargaining. In the sentence bargaining, the prosecutor agrees to suggest a lighter sentence for specific allegations if the defendant pleads guilty or no contest. Charge bargaining means the prosecutor agrees to drop some charges in exchange of pleading guilty by the defendant.

Plea Bargains Negotiation Process

In any stage of criminal justice process, plea bargaining can take place. Generally after the arrest of the defendant, and before the filing of criminal charges by the prosecutor, plea deals can be struck. A successful plea deal is executed by a professional Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer like Sean Logue, who has enough experience in this process.

Why hire a lawyer?

The choice to acknowledge or dismiss a charge and the sentence of a plea deal ought to be made only after watchful counsel with your Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer. There are numerous implications that aren't generally evident at first look. For instance, confessing to a lesser accusation, contingent upon the conditions and whether your state has a Three Strikes Law could at present outcome in a long-term imprisonment. Likewise, contingent upon your argument and the charges against you, a sentence-based plea deal may prompt less time in jail.