Out of State Drivers

Pennsylvania is extremely strict about drivers and their driving records. Even if you get a ticket for violating traffic rules far away from home they will find out about this. PennDOT will add points to your record.

This is not at all uncommon here, but the kind of disadvantages it brings in along with it cannot be ignored. Fighting your ticket with the help of a reputed Pittsburgh traffic ticket lawyer is always advisable. A good lawyer can help you out of this kind of situation. If you contact Logue Law, we will assign an esteemed Pittsburgh traffic ticket lawyer to handle your case. Do not delay in taking the first step once you get a ticket.

Multi-State Information Exchange

There is a 46-state agreement called the Driver License Compact (DLC) and Pennsylvania is a part of this agreement. This enables the states to exchange information regarding convictions and moving violations. And all of the information is accessible by all the states.

PennDOT or Pennsylvania Department of Transportation will be notified if you are alleged of violating traffic rules in any of the states that are a part of the DLC. Your driving records will start accumulating points immediately. Under this agreement, it is said that Pennsylvania will suspend your license if the other state (where the mishap took place) does so.

Even if there is any minor traffic offense, then also it will be reported to PennDOT but points would not be added to your record in that case unless you possess a commercial driver’s license. If your driving license gets suspended in another state, then this piece of information would be accessible by all, through a national database known as National Driving Register. Plus, your insurance company will react in the same way, irrespective of the place of traffic offense. Your car premium rates will rise, even if it is out of state. You should always contact a Pittsburgh criminal lawyer so that your rights are protected and you do not end up paying hefty premium amounts. Plus, there are also high chances that your license would get suspended. Paying fines and accepting points are not at all advisable, instead, you should hire a good attorney and start fighting your ticket.

Make sure you retain a good Pittsburgh criminal lawyer as this would not only help in getting a clean driving record but also would help you save a lot on your future insurance premium amounts.

Why You Need Professional Help

A dedicated and esteemed Pittsburgh criminal lawyer can help you throughout the entire procedure if you get a ticket for violating traffic rules away from home. He will be there with you and stand by you in every step of the legal process. He would put in maximum effort so that all kinds of evidence are discredited. He would also discuss every course of action with you beforehand so that you get out of the situation as soon as possible.

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