Passing a School Bus

Pittsburgh Improper School Bus Passing Attorney

Did you know that in Pennsylvania improper passing of a school bus is an offense? There are many who are penalized without even realizing that they have committed an offense. The safety of children must surely precede all other concerns in our society but, as a driver, such an offense could subtract points to your license and can have serious consequences going into the future. You may need to pay a hefty fine of $250, see your license suspended for sixty days, and also have five points taken off your license.

Why Should I Fight These Charges?

The suspension of your license and the five points can mean a lot when it comes to paying insurance premiums. A license suspension is also a huge hassle to deal with when it comes to getting yourself to work and anywhere else you need to go. Given the consequences of this charge, you shouldn’t take it lightly and, by all means, contest it. Your rights need to be protected and, as is with some cases, you may not even be guilty of an offense. There could be dozens of reasons that can be attributed to this charge and many of them may not be due to your culpability. For instance, the bus driver many have reported wrongly or may have been actually guilty of improper signaling.

The law makes it mandatory for you stop at least 10 feet away from the bus when the red signal lights are flashed and the signal arms are activated. You are also required to stop when approaching an intersection, where a school bus has stopped with the red lights flashing. You must stay stopped until the flashing lights turn off and the stop arm has returned to the bus. With the law having empowered the school bus drivers to report such incidents, we have time and again come across instances when these are misreported.

You won’t want to face charges for an offense that you haven’t committed, so you should hire a seasoned Pittsburgh Traffic Ticket Lawyer like Sean Logue, who would prevent points on your licenses and its suspension.

How Can I Help You?

You have the right to contest the charges that have been brought against you. I have years of experience in defending clients who have been charged with Improper Passing of a School Bus. Sean Logue would thoroughly investigate the matter and discredit the charges that have been brought against you by the driver of the school bus. I have been rated 10.0 on Avvo Rating, which is testimony to my skills in defending clients charged with traffic offense and providing them the strongest possible representation in the court. My goal is to absolve you of the offense that you have been booked for and would do everything possible to defend you.

Improper Passing of a School Bus charge is a serious offense. Sean Logue Pittsburgh Traffic Ticket Lawyer fights these charges on a regular basis and enjoys a proven reputable track record of doing so.