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Need Legal Help? Pittsburgh Attorney for Driving with a Suspended License

Driving Violations and License Suspension – What You Need to Know

Driving violations might seem trivial, but they are quite common in Pennsylvania. If you’ve been ticketed, you’re not alone; many of us have experienced police stops at least once. While some driving offenses can be minor, others can result in a suspended license – a temporary but significant loss of your legal driving privilege. Suspension length can vary, and during this time, it’s crucial to stay off the road to avoid harsher penalties.

Facing Charges for Driving with a Suspended License?

If caught driving when your license is suspended, the consequences could be severe, including:

  • Large monetary fines
  • Potential jail time
  • Escalating penalties for repeat offenses

The severity of your penalties can change depending on why your license was initially suspended. It’s important to know that you may be able to contest the charges or challenge the severity of the penalties.

How Our Pittsburgh DUI lawyer Can Help

At Logue Law Group, our skilled Pittsburgh criminal lawyer is prepared to assist you if you’ve been cited for driving with a suspended license. Take action now and call us at 844.PITT.DUI for a complimentary, confidential legal consultation.

Illegality of Driving with a Suspended License

Here are some points to remember about license suspension:

  • It’s illegal to drive with a suspended license in both Pittsburgh and the wider state.
  • Pennsylvania law (under 75 Pa.C.S. § 1501) requires all drivers to have a valid license while operating a motor vehicle.
  • Except under rare circumstances (like for student drivers), driving without a valid license is prohibited.

If you’ve been stopped for this offense, the penalties can vary according to the reason behind your suspension. For example, consequences for an expired license are not as severe as for a DUI-related suspension.

Before You Drive, Verify Your License Status

Don’t make assumptions about the reinstatement of your license after suspension. Confirm its status with the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles to avoid further issues. If you’re uncertain about your license condition, reach out to our Pittsburgh traffic lawyer for guidance.

Understanding the Penalties

Here’s a snapshot of the potential penalties for driving on a suspended license according to 17 Pa.C.S. § 1543:

  • Standard fee for a summary offense: $200
  • For DUI-related suspensions: Minimum of $500 fine and 60-90 days in jail
  • Repeat DUI-related offenses could mean a $1,000 fine and at least 90 days jail time, escalating to $2,500 and six months for third-time offenders.

The punishments further intensify if you’re caught under the influence during the suspension due to an alcohol-related incident:

  • First offense could lead to a $1,000 fine and a minimum 90-day jail term.
  • Subsequent offenses carry the risk of fines up to $5,000 and jail terms extending to 2 years.

If you find yourself facing these circumstances, our Pittsburgh driver on a Pittsburgh DUI lawyer is here to support your case.

Challenging License Suspension Cases in Pittsburgh

●    Understanding Your Suspension

If you’re finding yourself questioning the validity of your suspended license in Pittsburgh, it’s worth examining if there was an error in the process. Reasons for suspensions vary and sometimes precede the conclusion of related legal matters.

  1. Assessing the Decision: You may have grounds to believe that your suspension was unjustly applied, or perhaps it’s overdue for reinstatement.

Considering Your Options

Tackling these charges head-on might seem like a herculean task. Unless there’s a clear error on the part of the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles, contesting the suspension itself might be futile.

  • Focusing on Penalties: It may be pragmatic to negotiate the severity of your penalties, such as reducing fines or circumventing incarceration, especially for first-time offenders.

Presenting Your Case

The courts can be understanding given the right context. Maybe you were under the impression that your suspension was lifted, or a dire emergency forced you to get behind the wheel despite your suspended status.

  • Heartfelt Justifications: Explain the circumstances, such as rushing a companion in distress to the hospital, which may elicit a more compassionate response from the court.

Suspension Duration Queries

Pittsburgh suspensions range in length, heavily influenced by the seriousness of the violation. While some may last just a few months, others could extend considerably longer.

  • Variable Timeframes: Most suspensions are outlined with start and end dates, but these are not always definitive.
  • Possible Extensions: Certain conditions might prolong a suspension, including incomplete educational courses or treatment programs.

Reinstating Your License

Don’t fall into the trap of assuming that the end of your suspension instantly equals a reinstated license. It’s essential to confirm that your driving privileges have been officially restored.

  • Verification Is Key: Reach out to the necessary authorities to ensure your license is active once more.
  • Reinstatement Protocols: Understand that simply waiting out your suspension isn’t always enough; specific approvals might be needed to regain your license.

Get Professional Guidance

Dealing with a suspended license doesn’t just implicate you in legal woes—it can be a significant life disruption. Our team of Pittsburgh PFA lawyers at Logue Law Group is committed to assisting you through this challenge, advocating for your rights, and pursuing the best possible outcome.Personalized Legal Support: Call us at 844.PITT.DUI for a comprehensive discussion regarding your situation, completely free of charge.

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Sean is the best criminal defense lawyer ever! He answered all questions and returned all calls and texts. He was informed. He was attentive and got us an outcome that we never expected! Want someone who will fight for you and protect your rights? If yes, then Sean Logue is the attorney you want on...

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