Pro Hac Vice Admissions for Out-of-State Lawyers

Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas are known for their rich culture and tourist attraction spots. Thousands of tourists visit these places every year to enjoy various kinds of activities and admire the culture. But sometimes, visitors encounter law enforcements during their trip which can include criminal activities like DUI offense, drug, and assault, and end up in a mess in a foreign country.

If you are not a lawyer in Pennsylvania and have a client who has been accused of crime in the Federal or Commonwealth districts in these areas, then you should contact Logue Law for helping you out through the pro hac vice admission. Your client thus, will be able to get a lawyer from their home country and any other esteemed Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer. He or she can be relaxed because their case will now be in the hands of an adept and skilled lawyer. For the best support and results, your client must get two lawyers.

Pro Hac Vice Admission

An out-of-state or outside lawyer is required to fill out a form as well as submit a fee for all the cases that require “pro hac vice” attention. It is also the rule in Pennsylvania that you get a sponsor who will file a written application or motion in order to support the application that has been filed. Contacting a reputed Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer is the first step in this case, as you will require his suggestions in every step of the case.

Pro Hac Vice Admission in Federal District Courts

Logue Law can sponsor you for your pro hac vice admission in the court of law. You just need to follow the basic regulations for this. In Pennsylvania also, you will be required to pay an amount to the court of law, as well as a fee to the Pennsylvania Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection. You also must have contact with a local counselor who can enter appearances, receive payments, sign stipulations, and orders, file papers, etc. An esteemed Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer can completely assist you throughout the procedure. But, make sure that he has dealt with similar kinds of cases before. These cases are complicated and require adequate knowledge so that the case is in your favor.

How Can We Help You

Logue Law has a team of dedicated and experienced attorneys who have dealt with these kinds of cases in the past. Apart from providing pro hac vice admissions, they are also experts at fighting cases involving DUI offenses, drug possession, sex crimes, traffic ticketing, etc. We understand the emergencies of our clients and how they suffer during the trial period. And hence, we make sure that they get out of such dire situations at the earliest. Law is a very complicated matter and once you have gotten involved in any criminal activities, it can be detrimental to your future. So, never delay in contacting a Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer. Only an esteemed and experienced lawyer can help you out of these kinds of situations. Contact Logue Law now for scheduling a meeting with a reputed attorney, contact us online or call 1-844-PITT-DUI or 412-389-0805.