Rape is one of the most serious crimes. Other than the harsh sentences, extreme social and professional consequences follow the charge. Negative reactions from the community will materialize, regardless of innocence or guilt. Rape accusations can set off a wave of damaging repercussions. You are not only at risk of a lengthy prison sentence – you also face being labeled as a rapist and drawing the contempt of your friends, neighbors and coworkers. Even your family will be negatively affected by the ugly claims. This is all the more reason to vehemently fight these charges to mitigate the stigma. As an individual you need to remain strong in such trying circumstances and hire a seasoned Pittsburgh Sex Crimes attorney who specializes in fighting cases of rape.

Things You Must Know About Rape Charges

According to the last updated laws in Pennsylvania, a person can be charged with rape for being involved in sexual intercourse by forcible compulsion with the complainant (who can either be a male or a female). By law, rape occurs when -

  • Use of force or threat to prevent the other person from resisting
  • Complainant is unconscious or unaware when the sexual act is committed
  • The person charged uses drugs or intoxicants on the complainant to prevent him/her from resisting the act
  • The complainant is incapable of consent due to mental disability

A conviction can result in a felony of the first degree and lead to 20 years of imprisonment, with an additional 10 years if he/she has drugged the complainant during the act. Rape of a child under the age of 13 is a first degree felony and the punishment is even more severe if the child suffers from an injury during the act.

You can be accused of rape charges as a result of miscommunication, misunderstanding or simply out of spite and hatred. Although such allegations will not get you convicted of this crime but it can still cause your arrest, inviting more contempt from friends and relatives.

Also, often sex crimes involve alcohol and drugs. So, it might happen that the claimant was not in the state to give consent and hence, accuses you of rape while you were under the impression that it was legitimate and the sex was consensual.

How to Deal with Rape Charges

If you have been charged with rape, you need to immediately contact a Pittsburgh Sex Crimes lawyer. Here are some other things we recommend you do -

  • Stay silent
  • Refuse to answer any questions or give out statements without your attorney present. Statements you make can be used against you in court.
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