Real Estate fraud

Real estate fraud in simple terms is a real estate transaction where a false representation is made to deceive a person or a business for financial gain. Such fraud is a serious offense and here lies the reason why the assistance of a criminal lawyer is a must. We at Logue Law Group are there to help you throughout with your case. Our Pittsburgh real estate fraud lawyers can handle the following situations,

  • Using straw buyers
  • Using the identity of another person for getting a loan
  • Transfer a title for inflating the worth of a property
  • Sell or lease a property which you are not the owner of
  • Sell an investment which is secured via a property devoid of recording the deed
  • Predatory lending
  • Overstate your income or falsify wage documents for securing a loan
  • Get a loan that too with false information
  • Foreclosure schemes

Real estate usually includes investors, appraisers, and brokers yet there can be cases as well where the homeowner can be charged with this fraud as well. The moment you are charged with such fraud, a real estate fraud attorney in Pittsburgh can help you out.

What is Real Estate Fraud?

Real estate fraud has become commonplace these days and as a result, the federal government is stepping up efforts in investigating and prosecuting such situations. The federal real estate fraud will include any false representation which is intended in deceiving another person at the time of real estate transactions or defrauding banks. Below is the list of some common forms of real estate fraud schemes. These include,

  • Equity skimming
  • Using fake information or another person’s information for obtaining a mortgage
  • Illegal flipping
  • Predatory lending
  • Straw buyer schemes- to utilize an individual’s credit and identity for obtaining financing and another individual is the one for taking possession after closing

There are some scams that will target people in the risk of foreclosure such as,

  • Foreclosure prevention schemes- organizations that convince people fraudulently can keep those people from foreclosure and charge a hefty fee devoid of offering any actual assistance
  • Phony mortgage counseling- organizations which charge a hefty fee to help homeowners with activities which are free or easy to perform
  • The rent-to-buy scheme- organizations that convince homeowners fraudulently will take their home’s title and in exchange reside in their abode, pay rent and purchase the same later. The terms, in reality, are pricey to purchase back the abode so the owner of the house loses the house while the organization takes the amount which the homeowner has put into it.
What will be the penalty?

Despite playing a small part in such frauds, you may face imprisonment. The aggressive federal prosecutors, in fact, will try their best at adding extra charges for the mail fraud as many transactions include information that is sent via email or FedEx. The prosecutors will attempt in adding money laundering charges or federal bank fraud charges.

Ways in which a Pittsburgh real estate fraud attorney can help

Once charged with a real estate fraud naturally you will face a determined Pittsburgh prosecutor and inflexible laws. Here our Pittsburgh criminal lawyer will help you in determining all the choices and attaining the finest result for your circumstances. To get in touch and schedule a free initial consultation to discuss any fraud charges with an experienced real estate fraud lawyer in Pittsburgh, contact us online or call 1-844-PITT-DUI or 412-389-0805.

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